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  • Mazo Beach 2018

    Badger Naturists and the Friends of Mazo Beach website have not been updated since Summer of 2017. I have heard nothing from the usual sources about the beach re-opening for Summer 2018. Has anyone on this board heard of any updates regarding Mazo's status? Has the Department of Natural Resources undertaken the improvements to the beach that were discussed as a reason for the closing? Has anyone dared to venture to Mazo Beach while it's been closed?

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    I would contact them directly.

    I know in 2016, some Friends of Mazo were at the Eastern Naturist Gathering in Pennsylvania. They discussed how the beach closure impacted businesses in the area but when asked by someone "what is the business community doing to fight back?", the responses were a bit off... in other words, nothing.

    There was a grand master plan to develop the area for multiple forms of recreation. I don't know where that stands. But at the 2017 Eastern Gathering, Mazo was not on the discussion radar.
    Quite often, NAC and others work behind the scenes to obtain compromises, and not make a public splash or discuss the issues on the Internet.

    So FoM may know something we don't.. Then again, they may not.


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      It will not re-open. DNR says so.


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        Originally posted by Biker View Post
        It will not re-open. DNR says so.
        The nude beach will likely not reopen but has the DNR actually begun work on development of the area? That was the main question.

        It is very difficult to fight a situation where the state is proclaiming that they're going to provide a major development project which will benefit nearly everybody.
        I'm wondering, as SargentIV asked, is the improvement project underway.

        I know that I saw the solicitation for comments last year - but not living in/near Wisconsin, I don't know what happened.

        Whether any nudist interests filed comments beyond = "Give us back our beach", I don't know, either. If this were in my backyard I would have respectfully replied "I understand, but given the nature of the project..." and … "can there be consideration that part of the area be set aside for clothing optional use?"


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          DNR has a plan for the entire Lower Wisconsin River. It does not include any clothing-optional or nude areas. Please continue to write to the DNR and other Wisconsin Officials.


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            Mazo will not return. Living in northeast WI my focus is on private locations or public land that can be utilized that are off the radar.


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              It's just a sad, sad thing. I went there for years.