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    I’ll always be grateful that I had the opportunity to enjoy the Lazy K and social nudity. However my experience as a preteen and young teenager may have been atypical. When I read the accounts of other former kid nudists they almost always make the following statements. They’ll say things like;

    1) I never felt the least bit of modesty. I didn’t care who saw me naked. Nudity was a non issue. It was natural.

    2) On my first day as a nudist I looked at the naked girls my age and older but that was the first day only. By the second day I lost all interest in girl watching and I wasn’t even aware that they were nude.

    3) Puberty was a walk in the park. I saw the bodies of other kids change and so I knew I would too. No big deal.

    4) I never experienced any impure thoughts and I never had any sexual fantasies. For me nudism never brought about any sort of sexual excitement.

    5) I always felt completely and totally safe.

    I’ll agree wholeheartedly with item number 5. The adults were fantastic and there was never any hint of danger. But as for items 1 through 4, at least so far as I was concerned, none of that was true.

    1) Modesty. I was a physically fit and attractive child who was often complemented on my appearance. I loved my penis and I was proud of it. It was proof that I was male and so, when I was in the mood and feeling uninhibited, I enjoyed showing it off. I never flaunted it but I was happy to let people see it. However I didn’t feel so wild and free all the time. I had to be in the proper state of mind. There were moments when I was as self-conscious and as bashful as any non nudist boy. This could lead to uncomfortable moments. The minute we’d arrive and park the car at the at the Lazy K my dad would insist that I strip immediately. This could lead it a scene and an outburst of emotion. I needed time to adjust to the nudist environment. I didn’t want people to see me in the act of undressing. The fifth visit to the Lazy K could feel like my first visit. I wasn’t an everyday nudist. I was an occasional nudist.

    2) Girls. Hands down the best thing about being a nudist kid was seeing girls in their natural state. Like the other boys I soon became skilled at feigning disinterest. I didn’t want to be caught ogling them. However during the Miss Teen Nudist Pageants and similar events this was not the case. We were expected to take an interest. I’d sit with my friends and watch the contestants stride across the stage in the altogether. Amongst ourselves we’d talk about who we thought was the prettiest and who would win. But I was careful not to say anything off-color about any of them. I didn’t want to unwittingly say anything dirty about the big sister of one of my friends! Besides, I’d be competing in the boys category. This fascination with young ladies never left me. I was also interested in the other boys mostly to see how I compared but also because I found some of them to be very attractive.

    3) Puberty. I was a late bloomer. When I turned 13 I still had the body of a little boy, not a hair on my body aside from my head. There were 12 year olds who were so much further along in their development and everyone could see it. I was told, “The sooner to ripe the sooner to rot,” but couldn’t help but feel inferior. My small statue did have some advantages. I wasn’t any sort of celebrity or child star. Far from it. But I had appeared in a few TV commercials and had a few bit parts in some TV shows of the early 1960’s. I wasn’t famous but on occasion I was recognized. Casting directors liked kids who appeared younger than their actual age. I suppose that had I been more recognizable the nudism might have been a problem had word gotten out. The blond haired boy you see in the Skippy Penny Butter ad is suppose to be wholesome and squeaky clean. Not too many TV commercials were filmed on nudist resorts. In fact none were.

    4) Sexual Urges. Being a healthy young lad I had erotic fantasies about girls and sometimes about boys. These fantasies became much more intense when, at the age of 12, a 14 year old friend demonstrated how to masturbate. This happened at his house and not the Lazy K. I was too young to do this myself but I was extremely jealous that my more developed friend could do this mind-blowing thing. My friend’s genitals were so large and so powerful. Watching him climax was every bit as awe-inspiring as witnessing Old Faithful erupt. It was magical and he said shooting the white stuff felt fantastic. He showed me how I could make it even better by gently caressing his balls as stroked his penis. Compared to that what did I have to offer a girl or a boy? The answer was nothing. I felt so inadequate. About this time unbidden erections became a problem but there was an exception made for us youngsters. Seeing a grown man like that was considered unseemly, even rude. Men were expected to find some way to discreetly cover up. In contrast seeing a little one in a state of social excitement was thought to be cute and humorous. People assumed we didn’t even know what it was for. Just another reminder that us hairless little nippers were harmless and not taken serious.

    Well those are just some of my recollections. I don’t know if you’ll be able to identify or relate to any of them. I’d like to stress that I loved being a nudist boy, just loved it. But I want to be honest about it. I experienced sexual tension, uncertainty and body awareness as well as wonderful friendships with other children my age. If I could I’d do it all over again.

    Thank you for reading.

    Lazy K Ranch Boy