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  • Where to go in Colorado

    I'm looking at going to a clothes optional resort in Colorado some weekend. Where do you suggest to go?


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    I'm looking at going to a clothes optional resort in Colorado some weekend. Where do you suggest to go?



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      CFI Nudist Explorer, Go to Colorado Listings

      Link to CFI Nudist Explorer - Colorado Listing

      Naturist associations and non-landed clubs

      Front Range Naturists

      Rocky Mountain Naturists

      Resorts, clubs, camps

      Dakota Hot Springs

      Mountain Air Ranch

      Valley View Hot Springs

      Wild Woods Resort

      The Well at Brush Creek



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        There's also Orvis Hot Springs, a clothing optional natural hot springs resort located west of the Continental Divide in Ridgway, CO.

        Link: Orvis Hot Springs

        Highly recommend, as is Mountain Air Ranch, from the people that I've talked to at Shangri La Ranch in Arizona.


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          We have been to Orvis , Valley View , Dakota Hot Springs and Mountain Air Ranch. Your choice may very well depend on where you are at.
          From Denver, Mountain Air Ranch is only 30 minutes (or less) away. It is large (150+ acres), with 10 miles of nude hiking trails and a nice pool/hot tub. Good food too at the Lost Bikini Grill. Dan is a good cook. Don't let the final 100 yard drive to the front gate fool you, it is beautiful inside ( the drive outside is unmaintained county road). Very professionally run and maintained.

          Vally View is about 3 hours from Denver but really worth the drive if going for more than a day. It is also very large with nude hiking, lots of springs throughout the property (finding them can be fun) and very laid back. First unisex bathroom I ever used (and the urinals aren't in a stall, which is kinda a kick once you get over it). The only really away from everything nude camping we have ever done. You can be nude the whole time. Hiking is maybe better at Mountain Air (fewer cactus), but both are really great.

          Orvis is even further from Denver (about 4.5 hours) but only 1.5 hours from Durango. The drive from Durango to Orvis (Ridgway, Colorado) on US550 is one of the most spectacular drives in the entire United States. The facility is smaller (maybe just over an acre) but they have five hot spring pools and a sauna and an indoor pool (it was under construction with a new roof going in when we were there in January). Orvis can be cold (I have slipped on ice on the steps in August!) but the water is always 90+ degrees. On really cold nights, the fog off the springs is amazing to see.

          Dakota Hot Springs is south of Colorado Springs (about 1.5 hours from Denver). Rusic place and in the middle of semi-arid plains. Not much view, but a large pool. The hot springs is man-made (from drilling many years ago). Very inexpensive to visit. They have snacks and beverages, but you should probably bring stuff with you.

          If you are from back East, keep in mind that a 1 hour drive here is usually 50-60 miles. Everything is further apart than in New England for example, and traffic jams outside of the Denver/Colorado Springs metro area are almost non-existant.


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            I would highly recommend Valley View Hot Springs for all the reasons stated above. Very nice place, nice people, and a good time. Another place that my wife and I go to is Desert Reef Hot Springs, you cannot stay there and it would be a very long haul for a day trio from WY. MAR is a nice place and would be the closest but you can only visit few times before you have to become a member and membership is a little pricy.


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              If you live within 180 miles of MAR, you have to join after three visits ($730). But if outside of 180 miles, you don't have to join.


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                Touché Bitone.... Guess I should read the website!


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                  we went to dakota springs recently, that place is a dump plain and simple.
                  not worth going to


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                    I agree.... My wife will not go there. If you have not been to desert reef I would give it a try... It is in the same area.


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                      I usually hit Dakota once a month, when I go to Colorado Springs on business. Yes, it is dumpy and I always ask myself why I go there. probably because it is a Friday, I can wrap up my work by noon and be laying in the sun by 1:00pm.

                      After visiting the other c/o hotsprings in Colorado, Dakota seems like "gem in the rough". Unfortunatley, the owners must be in the rough. With the right ownership, and renovation/improvements, that place should be on the hit list of places to see.


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                        i agree that it COULD be made into a nice place BUT it will take a lot of work and money


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                          we made the mistake of going back for a 2nd visit, this place (dakota springs) has a LOT of problems there are about 5-6 single guys per couple , even saw 1 of them walking around with an erection,
                          we have been to nudist resorts in Fl. Ga. tx Al. S.C. and colorado but this is this worst one by far, they will let anyone with $20.00 in
                          drunks, freaks or whatever , the water was filthy plus the place is just about to fall apart