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Women of color needed for book project

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  • Women of color needed for book project

    I'm working on a book of quasi-editorial portraits of women of color sharing their bodies and their body/soul conversations as they relate to their ethnicity, culture, values, life experiences, and self-image. The book is a collection of tasteful artistic implied nude, semi-nude and nude images. Each model gets to choose how much of her body she wants to share as long as the body form is revealed. I’m seeking creative collaborations with conscientious, intelligent, mature women of substance who are serious about self expression and the human body as art and have something meaningful to say. All ages at least 21, body types, and ethnicities among women of color are welcome. For the time being, however, I have enough African Americans under 30. Modeling experience is not necessary. In fact, “ordinary” women are preferred over model types. Please get back to me after taking a look at my portfolio and carefully reading my profile at the link provided below. I've attached an example of what I'm doing. Provide an email address and I'll send you additional samples and more information. This is Time for Print/Time for CD work. Shoots are being done in Scotch Plains, NJ.


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    Re: Women Of Color Needed for Book Project >>Men??

    This is a rather old post, but I'm wondering if you got any responses you were seeking. Also, let me know if you (or anyone else reading this) need any males of color for a photo project or for practice with different light settings and backgrounds.


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      Re: Women of color needed for book project

      The expression "women of color" or "men of color" etc. seems a daft way of describing people. What does it mean? Haven't all human beings got a color of some kind? Why not just say what you mean?

      Sorry but I find that expression so irritating.