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  • nudist plastic modeling groups

    not sure if this is the right place. but figured I'll post and ask anyone know of plastic modeling groups for nudists. something I thought of the other day and haven't found anything.

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    i guess no one is into this or there is no one left here. lol


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      There are a few people here. but a suggestion is - don't give up. Another suggestion - post pics of some of your plastic modeling work here...


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        I've heard of "Nude Modeling" but it usually means something quite different. A long time ago I spent many a free hour building plastic models. I simply dont have time or disposable income for that hobby anymore, but I did enjoy it at the time. This was long before I considered enhancing recreation with nudity.
        My only idea is to start a group of your own. Then try to find creative ways to advertise. Try starting a group page here on CFI.