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  • Universal Naturist Symbol

    ​ The Universal Naturist Symbol was voted for by naturists from all over the world in October 2020. The purpose is to recognize naturists, even when they wear clothes.
    Go to for details.
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    You might be interested in another recent thread regarding nudist symbols.

    The most common element in nudist logos is the ​​ sun, but this provides only a vague hint at the intent of representing nudism. The blue curves in the logo shown above suggest buttocks but could also be interpreted as hills or waves. My own thought is that something more direct is needed. Showing genitals even in cartoon form creates controversy, but cartoon buttocks seem to be okay.

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    Another alternative is just to spell it out.

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    Regarding the word "naturist", a large percentage of the population interprets this as "naturalist", which is someone who watches wildlife rather than someone who engages in nude recreation. For this reason, it is my humble opinion that it is better to use the word "nudist".


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      If you really want to advertise your nudist proclivities, you might consider putting it on your license plate.

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        The problem as I see it is there is no governing body to oversee something like this so it would never be universal. Look at how many universal symbols that have been proposed each with flaws and each with reasons to be rejected. If you really want to announce your nudism, a bumper sticker or vanity plate should just say, "I am a nudist."


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          The Naturist Society had the idea of claiming the letter "N" to represent nudism/naturism. All these logos have the same problem. Some nudists might recognize them, but the general public probably won't.

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            This new universal nudism symbol ...

            ...looks a lot like the picture in our symbol ...

            ... don't you think?


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              I saw this poster for Ile du Levant and thought it could be morphed into a great nudist logo. It gets the essential idea across unambiguously - family-friendly outdoor nude recreation.

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