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    Has anyone here had the opportunity to pose nude for a life drawing class -- or be a life model for an artist?

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    I belong to a figure drawing meetup group. We save money by taking turns modeling for each other. It's fun.


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      Yes have tested that once


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        Not that easy


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          Yes I have. One year we went on holiday to a farm here in the UK where the naturist owners had diversified and converted some of the farm buildings into luxury self catering accommodation for naturist holidays. We learned that they had one weekend a year where they held an art weekend where the guests could do life drawing etc. My wife is interested in drawing so we booked and went. The models are also guests - normally spouses of those doing the drawing. There were about 5 couples on these weekends and the models took it in turn to model. Must admit it was difficult to pose for long periods of time, As it was a naturist location models and artists alike were all naked so there was no need to cover up between poses like if you go to colleges or schools where the artists are not naturist. We went to several of these weekends and enjoyed them but sadly the regular tutor decided to give up so they are no longer held but we still go on naturist holidays to the farm about once a year. We always have a very relaxing time


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            Yes, I've posed several times for life drawing classes. I love it.