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  • Very slow

    I tried to download the show but speed is only 10kb/s One week ago it was more than 500kb/s

    Maybe some problem??

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    Not here Sauna been normal and fast each time I was on. Video downloads +500KB actual throughput to system/HD.

    West Coast, California


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      I have the same problem,the speed here (Sweden) about 10-14 kb/s, must be some problem....


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        Must be an offshore problem as its +500Kb throughput here and has been for quite a while.


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          Originally posted by NakedGary:
          Must be an offshore problem as its +500Kb throughput here and has been for quite a while.
          AS I wrote it was also here, but no more. I hope next time it works well again.


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            I read a local newspaper the (hope memory tells a right figures) 7 out of 9 Word Main URL trafficating machines was demolized by specified virus attacks. So whole far trafficking over the Globe was hundredfold slower as normally. But it was repaired in a maximum hurry.

            Oh damn virus makers....

            But sometimes I immaginate to use an oldie goodie method, asking - to WHOM it are benefitial.
            I shall not be in wonder if would clear out that biggest virus writers are companies selling the antiviral systems, Windows itself includingly, as the main guys willingfuly PLANING the security holes, and later selling this info to "customers" writing a malcodes. Later we all small guys are intensively buying the antivirusses and business rotates on and on.

            Its a quess of course, not proofs.


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              There are several slow points. The last one in CA is slow and in Tampa is one slow poin on my route. Then on Europeans side there are two very slow spots one in Stocholm and other in Helsinki. They have promised to repair the slow spot in Helsinki during this week (one day left) but then there are some more left. Maybe we have same spot in Stockholm as a bottleneck.


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                this morning it vorks better but not yet good enough. The last address has been changed. The owner of | |has been changed on no more loss there. I hope the others are also now helped in Sweden and Latvia.


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                  It works good now,I have 400 kb/s (sweden)


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                    CFI server has been down for over a half hour, and the picture of the day has not updated 3/21/2007 0700 GMT or 00:00 PDT CA -7:00hrs

                    The proper admin. and technical people have been notified of the problem or outage.

                    F.Y.I. [For Your Information]

                    Moderator "NakedGary"


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                      The CFI server has been down for over an hour and a half or more than 90 minutes, and the Picture of the day on both Clothesfree and Clothesfreeforums has not been updated and is blank.

                      The appropriate technical people at CFI have been notified of the outage and its unknown if they know about it, or scheduled maintenance was scheduled or being done.

                      F.Y.I. and notice