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New Feature: Rate Topics

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  • New Feature: Rate Topics

    We now have the ability to rate topics. At the top of each thread, you will see a "Rate Topic" option where you can give each topic a rating from 1 - 5 stars. 5 is best!

    So, since you can no longer rate a user (since karma points determin user ratings) rate the topics instead! If you like someones topic, give it a 5 star rating so that others can see a higher topic rating - this can be seen on the topic list page for each forum and can help you determine which topics to view.

    IMO: Rating a topic is better than rating a member. I like this new feature. The karma points are cool also... the titles reflect how active the person is on this community. You will be able to earn karma points if you show up for our first chat session (TBA) with INA Staff.

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    Another New Feature:
    Our Latest Activity page has a new Popular Topics area. This will contain the most popular topics in the last 30 days (once the new site is 30 days old). For now, it shows the most popular topics since the new forum has been launched.


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      The image below shows the topic list that every forum has... The icons on the far left will show you the popular topics and active topics for the day. These icons will also show polls and photo albums with their own icons.

      You can see topic ratings on this page.

      Remember, click names for more info... like send private topic, add to buddy list, etc.