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CFF Servers @ 7-02-2006 7:30 CA PDT Very Slow Wierd Node Trace Configuration

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  • CFF Servers @ 7-02-2006 7:30 CA PDT Very Slow Wierd Node Trace Configuration

    CFF Servers @ 7-02-2006 7:30 CA PDT Very Slow Wierd Node Trace Configuration and/or Server Problem.

    If your getting Very Slow response on CFF Forums it's probably not your connection or System. Im on a 6 megabit broadband connection and CFI is normal [FAST} but CFF response is Very Slow, all other web sites and my speed throughput test is FAST.

    The Servers located in Seattle WA are routed a wierd node configuration instead of SF to Seattle it goes to Philadelphia PA and back to Seattle.

    Its been that way for about an hour now, and the CFI servers are normal and fast as their at a seperate location and routing completly.

    "NG" 19:53 CA PDT

    Attached CFF Forums Server routing node Trace F.Y.I.

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    Thank you for that info.......I was going nuts with the slow reaction from this site!


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      At 8:25 CA PDT I show CFF back up to normal speeds and response. [With the weird Philadelphia PA routing from Seattle to PA and Back to Seattle]

      Denital.C, you would think being in Western Washington you would have instant response to the servers in Seattle but that’s not the way nodes and routing works.

      Net packets travel at the speed of light 186,000 miles per second or 3,000,000 meters per second. Around Earth [25,000 miles] or 7.44 times in 1 second. So our member "Sauna" in Finland, and you would could not tell the difference in the extra routing from Seattle to PA and Back. Typically each node or relay along the route takes few milli seconds delay [thousands of a second] round trip

      Most likely the Server got bogged down, was doing maintenance, or slowed down due to cache or slow resources and need to be reset or re-booted.

      I notified Corky, and he is automatically notified via cell as to server problems or status. He can remotely reset or re-boot the servers from his cell phone or on at any web connection, and probably did so or switched to the mirrored back up server.

      F.Y.I. the routing and round trip to each node, and delay in milli seconds is indicated on the Neo Trace image below [Very technical for most] but it seems to be normal again with snappy and fast response as it usually is.

      F.Y.I. and use you can download a free express version of Neo Trace at:

      Link to free Download of "Neo Trace Express"



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        It is now ok also when we look it from Northern Europe. Strange but same amount of jumps from here than for you. Because of distance the times are longer. It is not only the distance but every switching and amplifing of the signal causes delay.


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          LMAO............too much technical stuff for me!

          Glad it's back to norm!


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            Yes DenitaLC, for the thousands using CFF the end result is what counts. Were so use to almost instant response from the servers, when they bog down or slow up you can really see and tell the difference as we saw yesterday.

            The only or discernibly difference in U.S. to Seattle and back round trip, and Finland [Or Europe] to Seattle and back in propagation delay is the distance through space of approximately 22 thousand mile each way to a satellite. Our round trip being 1/30th of a second, Sauna’s via Satellite being 1/5th of a second. [Where you see the node delay in “ms” RT go from the teens to 200ms.] The delays through each node switch and amplifiers “Sauna” mentioned are so minute [1/1,000,000 of a second] no one could see or tell the difference except test equipment.

            You do not add these individual node delays in “ms” for a total delay. Each one is a total RT round trip time it takes from your location to Seattle and back. Signal propagation delay through cable, microwave, satellite, fiber, optics, or space is constant at 3,000,000 meters per second or 186,000 miles per second essentially.

            So much for yesterdays slow server response; it’s back to normal and fast now.

            If individuals want to continue technical talk on this subject they may do so in here or via private messaging.



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              Originally posted by DenitaLC:
              LAMO............too much technical stuff for me!

              Glad it's back to norm!
              Most of participants the speed they feel (quality of service) is important and nothing else. These technical details are only for professionals. Please skip them and do not let them destroy your day.

              Happy surfing


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                It's nice to hear/see how it all works...I'll never be able to totally understand it...but a little "exposure" never hurts!



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                  no Apple Mac version Neo Trace Express


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                    Jason Lee

                    Thats your problem to solve 85+ % of PC's are Microsoft Windows compatible. Less than 10% of pc's in the world are mac or apple operating system which are not compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system. Microsoft does produce "Microsoft Office" for the mac or apples.

                    Write to Neo Trace about a version for mac or get a windows emulator.

                    Did you think about general software and operating system compatibility when you bought a mac?

                    You have mentioned several programs that did work or were not compatible with mac; another recently mentioned was a IE spell check addition free download.