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Welcome back to CFF!

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  • Welcome back to CFF!

    Well, hello there. Welcome back to ClothesFree Forum! It's been a few years since I've seen all of you and I'm excited to see all of the new features we are able to use here on the new forum. Feel free to dive right in and create a new topic and be one of the first people to use this improved forum software. Have fun!

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    Thanks, glad to be back


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      Glad to see you back. Thank you!


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        Hi al, great to see the site back. I gt the thought in my head "I wonder if the clothesfree website is still active?" Did a search and lo and behold here I am again. While I as never the most active poster, its nice to have the community back.


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          I remember you, AdAstra! Welcome back!


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            I didn't realize that I ws that memorable. Of course I remember you as a "nude caster" Are the other previous Nudes in the Nudes hosts back as well?


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              No, not all of them. But many have moved too far from us here in Oakhurst, CA.


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                I gave up quite some time back when the address kept coming up as not there. Are you willing to offer what caused the forums to go down in the first place? Funding, lack of moderator, host issues?

                I only just tried the domain again on a whim and found it was active but this is a decent 10-months after you re-started. I guess there was no way to send members a message stating you were back up?

                Inquiring minds want to know? :-)


                PS - Emojis not displaying when that icon is clicked. I'm using a chrome-based browser. You get the alternate text but not the images.


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                  Where are the links located on the new site