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A suggestion for the webmaster.

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  • A suggestion for the webmaster.

    Perhaps a forum could be added for "Seeking Friends and Relationships". A number of those types of posts have appeared recently. It might be good if they had their own designated home.

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    Having been married for 50 yrs, to the same wife, it's difficult to find like minded nudists over the internet. I've run into some interesting guys who I don't care to interact with anymore. I'm not looking for sex, no, I don't just need to see how big your erection is, and no, you can't share my wife.

    The "seeking friends" suggestion is palatable to me. Like minded individuals for friendships, not relationship. Relationships infer sexual connections to many people.
    ​​​​​Many people would rather meet someone who you can sit around or in the pool, drink a soda or beer and solve the worlds problems. And, be naked.

    My wife isn't a social nudist anymore. But she is ok if a friend is over and they stay outside while nude. She sees them clearly thru the patio doors, but, that's ok with me. Those kind of friends seem hard to find.