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Any Spencer Turnick picture stories?

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  • Any Spencer Turnick picture stories?

    Was anyone in the latest photograph or previous?
    Any stories?

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    Was anyone in the latest photograph or previous?
    Any stories?


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      Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt.
      It was so neat. A common observation was how powerful it was and what a statement it makes. I am unofficially guessing that about 100 or so there were actual nudists. Some had shirts: TNS, AANR, Attention, beyond this point...
      Some passed out stuff afterwardfor nearby clubs.
      BUT there was 2700 people there.

      Sure fire wire to kill the link. Put it on here and give it traffic.

      Condensed version:
      Spencer Tunick breaks Montreal's mass nude photo record in Cleveland.
      He posed 2,754 people to set a North American record for the largest
      group of naked people in a photograph. Montreal had the previous
      record with 2,500.

      Weather was chilly. It was on the news the night before. Gawkers were all but non-existent. The models were great. Spencer took probably about a dozen poses. Some of ALL of us-went from the lake UP 9th St. pier to the traffic light. Several poses, then women only-near the lake, several poses. Then men only in an adjacent field. Several poses.




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        Man, that would be awesome. Do you have any idea how I can be in a Tunick?


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          I too participated in the Spencer Tunick shoot in Cleveland. As I arrived in the downtown area, I was amazed at the traffic on the streets at 4:00 AM. There were lines of cars traveling toward the lakefront making it seem like a Browns game day.

          Once I parked the car, I joined the long line of individuals each carrying their model release forms (the ticket for admission). While in line, the group directly in front of me was being interviewed by a national magazine. The group was from a Cleveland suburb, all new high school graduates, and happy to be part of creating art.

          Once inside the barricades, I set about finding my friends. As I walked around the park with cell phone in hand trying to find the group, I was amazed at the number of persons there. All shapes, sizes, and ages were present. The local news teams had come in and set up for coverage. Some of the assembled were being interviewed for the later broadcasts. The feeling of the crowd was jovial with many commenting about the chilly temps (57 at 6:00 AM).

          When it was time to disrobe for the first shot, a cheer went up from the crowd and we gladly dropped our clothes. It took some time to get the huge crowd in place along the Mather and the street extending up from the lakeshore to the intersection. As we progressed through the poses, it was exhilarating to see the huge crowd responding to the instructions of Spencer and the handlers to get the shot we wanted. When the reclining pose was complete and the signal given to get dressed again, those of us in the front of the photo were able to stand and see the image just taken. It was breathtaking to me. Those at the far end must have had the same feeling looking down from the slight rise to see the mass of bodies.

          During the women’s poses, many of us stayed behind to mark the place where our friends had left their clothing. The conversation was jovial and many shared why they were there. Many felt history was being made, others, like myself, were there to take part in the creation of art. One regret I have is not venturing forward to see the images snapped of the assembled women.

          The men’s poses were shot on the grass of the park and included a signature pose from some of the other Tunick photos. As we crouched in child’s pose from yoga, there seemed to be a bit of good-natured ribbing. When asked to lie on our sides and rest our head on the adjacent person, more ribbing ensued. Many barriers were broken as I am sure many there had never been in contact with another nude male. The final shot with us lying on our backs drew appreciative applause, whistles, and catcalls from the assembled dressed women.

          When the event was over, the common comment was how awesome the experience was to all. The crowd, the moment, and the experience left me feeling I had really contributed to something big.

          My bigger surprise came on Sunday morning when I picked up the Plain Dealer to see a chaste photo on the front page from the first series of mixed gender shots. I was even more surprised to see the back of my gray haired, balding head clearly displayed. Wow, I made the front page of the paper without breaking the law!

          With the images gathered here in Cleveland, the challenge is set for other cities to top our record. The next shoot is scheduled for Buffalo and I know I will be gathering friends and carpooling to be a part of their photo. Maybe we can top the number from Cleveland and get participants from all 50 states and more countries. (41 states and 19 countries were represented in Cleveland)

          It was a truly wonderful experience and I hope others will get out and join as more photos are taken across the country.


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            You couldn't have said it better.
            The best I did is there is a picture on the WKYC-TV website of the crowd, dressed and waiting beforehand. I think the one in the beige coat is me, from behind.

            Buffalo? When? (Stupid question-Where?)
            I'm there!!!
            Joe (from Rochester-just 60 miles up from Buffalo)


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              Wow nudistguy thanks for the very descriptive post! I always wanted to participate in one of his shoots but he never seems to have any out on the west coast, at least I haven't been here when he has had one. I hope this changes in the near future.

              Anyhow good on you for going out there and geting your picture taken. I hope some of those 2700 or so people will now consider ventureing into a nudist resort or some other clothing optional venue. Man talk about a great opportunity to recruit new members!


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                I was there!! We got there about 5:30 and stood in the cool, damp grass and had that chill run up our backs and make us shiver. I was glad to be a part of it all. in fact, I closed a real estate deal. I wished that it was cooler then we could have stayed undressed for a while. It was good to see the North Coast Naturist group there, the Cleveland area nudist group


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                  So when's he coming to Denver? [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_cool.gif[/img]