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10 great places to leave the swimsuit at home

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  • 10 great places to leave the swimsuit at home

    10 great places to leave the swimsuit at home
    Found in USA Today, 3 Jun 07

    Don't look now, but nude recreation is more widespread than you
    think: 40 million Americans have skinny-dipped in mixed company,
    according to a Roper poll, and a YPB&R/Yankelovich Partners travel
    survey revealed that vacationers rated access to nude recreation
    higher than golf or tennis in choosing a destination. American
    Association for Nude Recreation president John Kinman recommends top
    clothing- optional beaches to BuzzyGordon for USA TODAY.

    Little Beach
    Maui, Hawaii

    "Makena State Park, on the island of Maui, can lay claim to two
    stunning beaches: Big Beach and clothing-optional Little Beach,"
    Kinman says. "The nude beach continues to thrive because the local
    community recognizes the positive economic impact of naturist
    travelers from the mainland U.S. and Europe."

    Wreck Beach
    Vancouver, British Columbia

    "Wreck Beach, Canada's first and largest legal clothing-optional
    beach, is so spectacularly beautiful that it is a mecca for tourists
    from all over the world," Kinman says. "The confluence of the Fraser
    River with the Straits of Georgia and English Bay, under white cliffs
    and an emerald-green forest, attracts more than 500,000 visitors

    Cap d'Agde

    Cap d'Agde, on the Vermeille coast of south-central France, has
    earned the sobriquet of the World's Capital of Nudism. In
    the "naturist quarter" of this resort town on the Mediterranean Sea,
    nudity is legal not only on the beach, but also in banks, restaurants
    and shops. Too much of a good thing? Just head down the road. "Nearly
    every beach in southern France is topless," Kinman says.

    Hawksbill Bay

    The Caribbean island of Antigua is said to have 365 beaches, one for
    every day in the year. "For a nudist beach, check out the crescent-
    shaped coves of scenic Hawksbill Bay, one of which is clothing-
    optional," Kinman says. "Some of the secluded Ffreyes Bay beaches are
    unofficially clothing-optional."

    Haulover Beach
    Miami Beach

    The northern end of Haulover Beach is a clothing-optional "good-
    citizen" success story: a nudist-lobbying campaign reclaimed a park
    infested with drug dealers. "As a city facility, Haulover has great
    amenities, including barbecue grills, refreshment stands and
    lifeguards," Kinman says. Not to mention 1 million visitors a year.

    Gunnison Beach
    Sandy Hook, N.J.

    Gunnison Beach is one of several beaches in northern New Jersey's
    Gateway National Recreation Area, on the Sandy Hook peninsula.
    Boasting a panoramic view of New York Harbor and lower Manhattan,
    Gunnison is legally recognized as clothing optional, with official
    signs, a lifeguard and police protection. "As the largest clothing-
    optional beach on the Atlantic coast of the United States, Gunnison
    draws more than 5,000 visitors a day on sunny summer weekends,"
    Kinman says.

    Collins Beach/Rooster Rock
    Columbia River, Ore.

    The "Mighty Columbia" near Portland is host to two clothing-optional
    beaches, both of which can fill up on sunny days: Rooster Rock State
    Park, the country's first officially designated clothing-optional
    beach, and Collins Beach on Sauvie Island, where some 75% of the
    users go nude or topless, while the rest choose to wear suits. "The
    crowd of friendly people here creates a true community atmosphere,"
    says Kinman, an Oregon resident himself. Collins Beach: 503-621-3488.
    Rooster Rock: 800-551-6949;

    Orient Bay
    St. Martin

    Orient Bay, on the French side of the island of St. Martin-St.
    Maarten, is a popular destination for naturist vacationers, thanks to
    its proximity to Grand Case, considered by many to be the gourmet
    capital of the Caribbean for its mingling of French, Dutch and West
    Indian cuisines. "Although the clothing-optional beach is right in
    front of the Club Orient Resort, one need not be a guest of the hotel
    to bathe there," Kinman says.

    Samurai Beach
    Port Stephens, Australia

    Within the bounds of Tomaree National Park, about 120 miles north of
    Sydney, lies ruggedly unspoiled Samurai Beach, one of the first legal
    nude beaches Down Under. "Samurai Beach is famous in the naturist
    world for hosting the annual Nude Olympics every November, with
    events like the Nude Torch Relay," Kinman says.

    Black's Beach
    San Diego

    "Black's Beach is a breathtaking one-mile stretch of state-controlled
    coastline, where nude and suited sunbathers can enjoy views of
    porpoises riding distant breakers and hang gliders soaring from
    cliffs above," Kinman says of this clothing-optional beach just north
    of San Diego. "Black's Beach has never officially been designated as
    clothing-optional," he adds, "but authorities acknowledge that nude
    bathers will not be hassled." Caution: Physical access to the beach
    is daunting because of the steep grade. or

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    Any place or anyone else other than me in Minnesota? Why don't we have public places like these?


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      Another great place to leave the swim suit is the floor ! Then go outside !