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So how long does it take you to get nude?

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  • So how long does it take you to get nude?

    So after a long day of work, how long does it take you to get nude when you arrive home? If you have children, intolerant spouses, etc., how long after they disappear does it take you to shed your clothing? Does anyone cheat and do so during your commute home? Curious....

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    I live alone; so it's not too difficult: I walk through the door, go straight to the bedroom and disrobe right then and there.

    In my early marital years, it was the same routine. But there was a difference between my wife and myself: whereas I would go put away my clothes upon arriving home, my wife would literally drop her clothes as she walked through the door, leaving a trail of clothes up to the bathroom! I literally had the move the clothes hamper to the front door! Talk about "can't wait to get nude!"


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      Sounds like someone neat versus someone messy?

      Perhaps it's style, or the neatness factor...I'm more like you ex....


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        How long?...seconds!!!


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          This was a skill prefected in the back seat of a 1958 Ford in the mid-60's that has't failed me yet. I work from home and begin to get nude at 5:01 and am nude by 5:02.


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            Over here it is close to the shortest day of the year; it is winter.
            So I have to give the heat exchange unit some time before I can get naked.

            In summer it is instant when I come back from the usual run to take my wife to work;also, if it is warm enough I look forward to a nude hour in the morning,reading the papers on the Net and reading the posts on Clothesfree!

            Before the rest of the family wakes up and goes tut tut


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              If I didn't remove my shorts for the ride home, it's off with the sandals and then shorts upon stepping out of the Cabrio. Then off comes the shirt. Shirt and shorts go in laundry bin just inside the house. No underwear, of course.


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                I come in the door, undress in the kitchen (washer and dryer are in there) and stay nude the rest of the night unless we need to go someplace.


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                  As soon as I get home and no one has to disappear. Not the grown kids, son-in-laws or some friends if they are over at our house. They all know and will end up skinny dipping in the pool also when the weather is warm.



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                    about 5 minutes

                    The first thing I have to do is great the dogs as they won't let me move till they get their proper hello, then great and give my wife a kiss. Next to the bedroom to get comfy.


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                      1 to 5 minutes

                      Often just inside the door. If I'm not nude by 5 minitues after getting home, something is wrong.


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                        Once the house is empty about 20 seconds.


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                          As soon as I get home from work, when I walk through the door my clothes start coming off. About three hours before wife gets home.


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                            For me it's usually not more than 60 seconds. I'll come in and drop the mail, or whatever else I'm carrying in, put the dogs out if they're demanding it, come upstairs and turn the computer on, and then strip.

                            Today was pretty typical of the summer. I'm usually only wearing a shirt and shorts, with no underwear and I'm barefoot, so my two articles of clothing come off pretty quickly.

                            I could identify with the "trail-of-clothes" comment from above. This wasn't so common in the summer because the kids were just nude all the time, but late in the school year, I can remember coming in through the garage, and seeing a trail of clothes from the garage door to the back door. I would strip down as quickly as possible, and join my naked family out in the backyard.

                            Now it's just the two of us (old and boring LOL) and I usually work at home, so I'm nude most of the time. But if I'm out and my wife gets home before I return, I always walk in to find her enjoying the afternoon totally nude. It's beautiful!!!

                            Barefoot-n-Nude in Texas!


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                              work clothes not needed

                              I don't even make it out of my truck before shorts come off. t-shirt is only on long enough to get in and out of store. Some days I wear only sandals, other days socks and sneakers. I live and work at a resort so work clothes are not in question.