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Bald from the forehead down.

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  • Bald from the forehead down.

    Why do American women feel they should shave everything from the forehead down?

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    Why do American women feel they should shave everything from the forehead down?


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      I don't think it is that we feel we should have to shave.... (some do feel that way, usually the ones that won't go to the mailbox without make up). I usually get woolly legs in wintertime and yet keep the pubes shaved but that is because I like the way it feels.


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        that is quiet a general statement that american women like to shave everything. i agree that ALL women shave too much, but do not agree with general statements like the one made. i personally do not like women looking like little girls down there, but if that makes the women doing it feel good, than more power to them, its their body after all. maybe you should start a poll??


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          I don't think it's a matter of them thinking they have to, many do so for a variety of reasons, and I don't think being a nudist has anything to do with it just that us males see a lot of women nude and notice it. Many women feel it more hygenic and comfortable to shave their pubic hair off completely. Others do so for aesthetic or medical reasons. A lot of women feel more feminine if they are smooth. A growing number of nudist women do seem to be opting for shaving. I sometimes shave myself during the summer months because it's much cooler where I live without the hair. I do not agree that because a woman decides to shave her pubes it makes her look like a little girl down there. There are many differences besides pubic hair between a little girl and a woman. To me a woman is beautiful regardless if she has pubic hair or not.


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            Steevo here,
            Let me tell you some thing about women shaving. I can remember whet my mother and my anut used to shave because of their bathing suit. As far As I know, women started shaving back in the sixties because of the change of the suits. They did it to keep their pubic hair from showing. And as the suits got smaller and smaller they had to shave more and more. Am I right Ladies?
            And as far as I'm concerned, This is a great example of how everything changes over time. You all seem so worried if things will come around to allow us to some day be nude more often?
            Please just take a look at how far we've come so far, just in my time. And I'm only 54 years young. Give it time people. The future will be wonderfull.
            Should we all be able to be in our own yard in what ever attire we please.
            Be Happy and Be Nude
            Steevo [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]