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Dutch Sauna's - Wonderful!!!

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  • Dutch Sauna's - Wonderful!!!

    I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a Dutch sauna for the first time and can report back that its a great cultural pastime those folk have got going over there! The sauna consisted of a number of cooler and hotter sauna's together with a cold plunge pool, ice room (with ice chips to rub yourself down with!) two steam rooms scented with eucalyptus and with pin ***** lights on the ceiling, a steam cave and a big foot-jacuzzi in the middle of the main circulation area.

    Best thing of all, nudity is the norm and its just accepted and not seen as something a little risque (as it might be in other countries) or even something exclusively practiced by naturists when in sauna's. Everyone just accepts that sauna's are where you go nude and that men and women can go together and it's no big deal. Such a refreshing attitude!

    I don't consider myself a naturist/nudist and I can't really get my head around the almost obsessive need of some to shed clothes whenever they set foot through their front door. However, if they want to then fine - it's just not me. I enjoy nude recreation occasionally at the beach or sauna's and that's it, so Holland in my eyes has it just right.

    Why nothing like this in the UK? Culture - pure and simple, which shows in the difference between the rates of teenage pregnancy between Holland and the UK (Holland far less). It won't change and that's a shame but only means I'll have to get over to Holland more often!

    The sauna was called Thermen 5 Mei and is at the following link - check it out.

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    wow that looks awesome...did you see the ice room?


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      This sounds similar to my German sauna experience many years ago. I would recommend it to anyone who gets a chance to try it. I have also wondered why there is nothing like this in the US as well.


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        Yes that's a nice sauna, I've been there a few times and it's well worth the visit. Nudity there isn't just the norm but it's mandatory (similar to most saunas here).


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          Thanks for the post london_joe, should be an eye-opener for the rest out here (not to mention some loner in doncaster hehe) - i'm dutch but left the country too many years ago, yet another reason to return ASAP!



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            The ice room was great, although not as full on as the cold plunge pool, which was a big rush after sitting in the hottest sauna for a good 5 minutes and getting very hot! The ice room was small but didn't need to be any bigger and it felt great to throw/rub ice chips all over yourself before heading back into one of the sauna's. Just a bit different really.

            I actually missed out on half the facilities as my friend and I were so engrossed in experiencing the sauna complex. There was apparently a pool area as well, plus the rest area, restaurant and bar where robes had to be worn.

            Why oh why didn't the UK culture develop along so enlightened lines as the Dutch one! It would be wonderful to have a facility such as this just down the road but I'm afraid naked sauna experiences are restricted to specialist 'naturist' evenings at a few places across the land - NOT good enough!!


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              hi joe, nice that you liked the dutch saunas.
              If you want to check out some more of the dutch saunas google for zwaluwhoeve or elysium.
              Those are 2 of the biggest saunas in holland, they got a lot of facilities. but even the small saunas are usually good.
              A small warning there are also gay saunas, it might be your cup of tea or not