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Clothing optional apartment complex.

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  • Clothing optional apartment complex.

    This does not exsist as of yet that I know of, but I used to live in a complex where the court yard and the indoor and outdoor pools were enclosed and could not be seen into unless by helicopter.

    My dream, or more the point a dream is to have such a complex that was clothing optional and all tenants and future tenants would be aware of this prior to moving in.
    Same basic rules as AANR would most likely upheld such as inproper behavior , gawking, unsolicited photos, and such will be reason for eviction.

    The complex would be a security type where guests would need to be buzzed in rather than just walk in.

    I would hate to have to go as far as saying all guests need to be approved by management.

    There would be all kinds of red tape I guess, but we can cut through that as we ponder this!

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    I understand that there used to be one in Texas somewhere, I don't know any more details that that. Maybe someone has more info.


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      The clothing optional apartments in Texas was in Austin. Actually, they were a converted motel with small kitchenettes.


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        I think I may have read something about a clothing-optional in the state of Nevada some time ago in a nudist publication. I could be wrong, so don't quote me! But yes, I would give anything to be able to live in such an environment in which the surrounding tenants will not only condone our lifestyle but will also participate themselves. This way, we would not have to worry about offending anyone. And yes I agree on another point. Potential tenants would be made aware of this during the initial application process before move-in.

        Ken Palmer

        Originally posted by richinoregon:
        I understand that there used to be one in Texas somewhere, I don't know any more details that that. Maybe someone has more info.


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          There was at least two large apartment complexes in the Los Angeles area that were completely clothing optional or clothes free, but I have not heard of them in years, and forget the reference or names or location.

          I don't believe they exist today or they would have been brought up or discussed in the forums.

          Other reference to nude apartment complexes discussed in the past on the forums:



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            I have heard of clothing optional apartment complexes but I think living there is difficult unless your ring of friends and co workers are in total acceptance of you and your life style.

            Is difficult enough to have some people know you are a nudist but to live in a place like that will for sure come with stigmas in the minds of others. Stigmas that may be very negative no matter how innocent your life style really is.


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              Do co-workers actually know where you live Rabid?

              Take it from someone who is stigmatized almost constantly and from every get used to it, and it is their problem not yours.


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                Maybe this complex should not advertize the clothing optional part but do mention "Open Living"...that should scare off most ultra conservatives!


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                  I had a customer in Virginia who at age fifty moved into a retirement community. It was brand new, inexpensive, and quiet.

                  There are a variety of reasons that people choose to move somewhere. If the apartments are nice enough and have great amenities at a low price, there are excuses for living there.

                  This does not mean there will not be jokes. However, there may be no stigma.


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                    I'll bet there are many existing examples out there, at least within a nudist resort. Paradise lakes and other big money/upscale resorts rent out apartments within the resort, correct? Many other resorts rent cabins short or long-term.

                    Now if we're talking about something with a more public interface, I don't think it would be a good thing, unless you cleverly set-up the property, so that utility people, repairmen, even textile visitors never see nudists unless they fully intend to. Then again, something more open might work in some very liberal areas where nudity is more common, like San Francisco, etc.. My philosphy is to make a clear separation of nudists and textile folks, for the greatest good of both. As was mentioned, you might run into red tape if this was a regular apartment complex, vs. a nudist resort. For sure it would attract some gawkers, and inevitably cameras. And as a bonafide nudist, even without gawkers, I wouldn't want to be nude in front of judgemental textile folks. There are types though that might thrive on getting peoples' reactions, but I think we'd call those exhibitionists, rather than nudists.

                    Regarding co-workers knowing where you live, I think it depends on how close you are with them. I worked for a conservative company, but nobody associated with me much outside of work, so I could have easily lived in a nudist resort for years and they'd never know.

                    I read the link Gary provided above too. Some great discussion there!


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                      I believe the topic thread is on regular or typical apartment complexes in various urban cities either converted or built to be nudist and clothes free in all common areas, facilities, and grounds.

                      Guests and visitors, and entrance access would be controlled access, gated entrance, parking, and common areas via key pad entering and exiting. Service personal, delivery, Guests, visitors non residents would have to be met and escorted while on the facility grounds or property. Delivery, mail, and un-announced visitors would have to go through the office during normal business hours. The common areas would not be viewable from neighboring properties, or public streets via landscaping, trees, and/or walls.

                      The ones talked about or mentioned in Los Angeles were probably were years ago before the city and county of L.A. CA become nudist, nude or clothing optional un-friendly. Los Angeles city or county currently [If I’m not mistaken] doesn’t have any affiliated or sanctioned nudist resorts, or any legal clothes free or nudists’ beaches, and it’s illegal to be nude anywhere in public, viewable from any street or public sidewalk, or beach anywhere in the City or County of Los Angeles. I have heard under the Cahill policy some areas designated as federal land within L.A. county and remote national forest areas allow nude and naturist hiking as long as there is no complaints, or you don’t offend others.

                      Clothes free apartment complexes would be a natural for areas such as Palm Springs, and Las Vegas, Nevada as residents wouldn't impact the tourist trade, gaming or entertainment trade that much as most who would reside in clothsfree or optional apartment complexes would live and work in the area.


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                        Yes Gary, because the building I mentioned in thread topic starter, had a perfectly enclosed courtyard and pool....just a couple security gates were needed to keep out un-invited lookie loos!

                        I figure that there are complexes that are for the older folks only, complexes for adults with no children, complexes that cater to families only....why not a complex for a more "CLOTHESFREE" crowd? Not a resort, but an actual living complex, with all the amenities of a regular complex.

                        Unlike a resort it would probly be more expensive because like some resorts, you might pay $700 per year Membership, where as depending on the APT. you might be spending $700 per month rent. are home and do not have to drive a fair distance just to relax...

                        You know...all I need is to hit a fairly big POWERBALL and I could make a fair # of nudist dream come true!


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                          There was a report by the late Fred Anderson on KABC-TV 7 in Los Angeles somewhere in the mid ‘70s about an apartment building in the San Fernando Valley that was clothing optional. He interviewed a couple in there apartment (they were standing behind the counter), the apartment manager (who was not a nudist) and showed some people playing in the pool (being careful with the camera angle). I remember that it was a very positive report about the nudists and there lifestyle.
                          It is sad that in today’s media, this same story would most likely be reported as something weird and to be made fun of.
                          This same reporter had also done some stories about streaking and actually interviewed three guys as they where in the middle of streaking there collage campus. Again this was a very good report in that he did not try to embarrass them or put them down.


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                            Ahhh...the good ol' '70's!!!
                            Not my fault I was born late '60's and kinda missed that whole sexual reveloution type attitude.

                            I heard that if you remeber the '70' weren't really there!


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                              Originally posted by R.M.GREENMAN2:
                              heard that if you remeber the '70' weren't really there!
                              You heard wrong.