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Solair's Video - saw it tonight - EXCELLENT!

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  • Solair's Video - saw it tonight - EXCELLENT!

    A friend of mine showed a video this evening at a gathering. He's a member of Solair Recreation League. It was a FANTASTIC video - not just about Solair - but what to expect when visiting a nudist park.

    If you're one of those people who has a reluctant spouse, etc. then I strongly recommend that you obtain this DVD from Solair.

    I'm also going to post this on the "What is keeping you from doing it" thread.


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    I saw the video when it first came out, while at Solair for the weekend. It's pretty good, but I think would do more good if it was not for sale.

    It would be better given to prospective new members


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      Yeah but I think they're only asking $15 for it (call the club) -- it's worth it.

      I suggested to the Solair member who showed it to me ... give it to local video shops for rental.


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        I guess my point is that the DVD is most suitable for people that are curious, but unsure about going.

        Those same people are most likely not going to fork over the cash.

        My feeling is that making it readily available at no cost would be better. They (all resorts and camps) should look at it as an investment and the payoff is more people through the gate.


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          My comments in no way should detract from the DVD. It is a well done and positive video.

          If you wanted something to share with friends on what naturism is like beyond the gates. This would be a good one to have