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Nudist, Naturist, Naktiv or Other...?

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  • Nudist, Naturist, Naktiv or Other...?

    A Nudist is a social animal who wants to be surrounded by others of like
    mind, everyone must be naked, no-one should know they are a nudist unless that
    person is also a member of the private club. Being a nudist means staying
    within an enclosed "nudist only" space where clothes are forbidden at all
    times. A nudist must not be seen naked outside of the enclosure, and
    photography is forbidden too, because no-one who is not a nudist must be able
    to see the nude nudist, or their image.

    The Naturist is an environmentally concerned creature, who wants to be naked in
    nature. The naturist is not quite so focused on sharing their nakedness with
    other people, therefore being naked alone is fully acceptable, nature and
    environment is altogether more prominent in naturist thinking. The naturist is
    much less concerned with what other people think, and tends to be much more
    focused on feeling the air and weather directly on their skin, getting close to
    and experiencing raw nature for it's own sake.

    The Naktiv beast is someone for whom freedom of choice is everything. Being
    naktiv means to incorporate nakedness in your everyday life, wherever and
    whenever you *choose* to. While this typically includes recreation time, more
    and more people are integrating their working environment also, whenever
    possible. When seeing the naked human body is synonymous with breathing, then
    meeting other naked, or clothed, people becomes a natural event also, and that
    one might be seen naked, or photographed, is a redundant concern. Thus being
    naktiv meshes well with protest movemements such as the highly popular World
    Naked Bike Ride (WNBR), where there is also a strong environmental message.
    Being naktiv means to value the individual more highly than their clothes, at
    all times and in all contexts.

    What do you think?

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    Re: Nudist, Naturist, Naktiv or Other...?

    It is amusing to take a swipe at macro-caricatures since we've dealt with micro-distinctions (eg. home nudist) in other threads.

    I'm not sure a Nudist is more social than a Naturist or Naktiv, or that that there is more of a focus on being part of an cloistered clan, but there is certainly more self-consciousness about the nudity part. There is also perhaps an anti-clothing aspect to Nudism and maybe more concern about "being seen" that is not shared by the other caricatures. A friend once remarked that winter separates Nudists and Naturists -- the former over-heating homes to stay nude while the latter bundle-up to save the environment and continue outdoor activities.

    I suspect, if the world were blase about nudity, that Naktivs and Naturists would be pretty much unaware they were a distinct social group since nudity is situational. Certainly both would choose a resort or club on the basis facilities and activities, rather than there being other nude people. There are historic reasons why, for instance, the French Naturist Federation emphasizes social nudity that have to do with changing tradionally predominent interpersonal attitudes, but frankly nowadays, as we notice when hiking, Textiles are a lot more easy-going about nudity and Naturists are quick to be more comfortable sharing public spaces with the clothed. We've in fact been talking about setting up a volleyball net at one of our beaches right on the line between textile and naturist sections to encourage interaction. Now that you mention it, this would be a rather Naktiv sort of thing to do. And why not have mixed winter bowling, basketball or other indoor teams. It would give a whole new meaning to shirts-n-skins.

    One last thought. Being more Naturist, according to the Richinud Classification, I really don't think Naktivs are distinct in believing in choice and incorporating "nakedness in your everyday life." Nudists and Naturists do too. Where we may differ is that probably only Naktivs and sports-minded Naturists would get round to organizing a nude bowling team. On the other hand, I recently inquired about exercising nude at my local fitness center, so maybe I am morphing into a Naktiv....
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      Re: Nudist, Naturist, Naktiv or Other...?

      I have been calling myself a "naturist" for many years, and the above description fits me very well!


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        Re: Nudist, Naturist, Naktiv or Other...?

        Definitions like this are useful for establishing a dialogue or discussion; the negotiation of definitions is critical to successful communication. The error creeps in when we begin to assume that, because we've designated arbitrary definitions, all individuals must correspond to said definitions. As long as we can maintain the distinction between reality and convenience (or entertainment), there's no conflict.

        With that in mind, I don't think I qualify for any of those definitions. I simply enjoy undressing when it's both appropriate and convenient, whether that's alone or with people, in nature or in my home.


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          Re: Nudist, Naturist, Naktiv or Other...?

          Naturist here, as well.
          Always felt the philosophy behind the nudity is what holds the spirit in place.


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            Re: Nudist, Naturist, Naktiv or Other...?

            Naturist is social nudist. (Agreed by the International Naturist Federation INF year1973) Naktiv I hear for first time and it souds like Swedish aktiv (active). Nudist is more used in America and naturist in Europe. There is also the German FKK (Frei Körper Kultur) naked body culture which is the oldest of all these. Nudist you can be alone at home or where ever but Naturist only with others. It is easy and clear.

            Please no new words.


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              Re: Nudist, Naturist, Naktiv or Other...?

              Interesting discussion. I believe that most of us fit into more than one description. According to the definitions I would be a nudist and naturist. I am not an activist so the native definition does not apply. At least not yet.

              Sauna makes a good point with FKK. I love the description of being part of the naked body culture. For me it is the freedom of being nude in a safe family social setting.