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  • Nude at College

    On another BB I related this story and I wondered if others had similar nude stories from their college days.

    When I was in school I played on the football teams (Linebacker and Goal) and every year during "hell week", I mean pledge week the campus chapter of PHI MU told their pledges they had to Streak the players dorm wearing a smile and sneakers and not get caught by the players or they would not be allowed to join the sisterhood. The catch was they told the players ahead of time which day and time the Streak was to take place resulting in all the pledges being "caught" and joined by the players. The was a big party after the Streak and most everyone stayed nude that had Streaked and most of the older sisters joined the party nude as well, it was a welcome to PHI MU party for the new girls. And I do not remember any salacious or lewd behavior at the party any year I was there, except that one girl who set her sights on marrying the backup quarterback...she succeded BTW and all she did at the party was to hang all over "her man" just as she did every other time we would see them together.

    Before anyone asks, yes there were "hook ups" at the parties but that happened at every college party I ever went to, even at the Baptist student union dance. Which if you don't know the words baptist and dance usually don't go together in the same sentence, it was college after all and Iron Butterfly played at the dance but that is another story .

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    When I was in college, this one hill would get really muddy after a heavy rain. We all would go mudsliding. Some did it nude or topless. Nobody made a big deal about it and nothing inappropriate ever happened. It was a lot of fun.


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      At the University of MD, back when I was an undergrad, the quad area would get very muddy after the spring trains. Nude mud sliding was very common. Mostly the guys were nude but a few of the girls joined in however many more were simply topless.


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        One of our fraternities had a streak around a women's dorm as the final hurrah of pledgeship. The date and time was the worst-kept secret on campus, and more than once university security stationed themselves to stop traffic for the "getaway" vehicle.

        Wonder if they still do that?


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          We had snow patrol, where we streaked the sororities on the eve of first snow of the year.


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            When I was in college in the early '70s, there was a tradition that whenever a male student became engaged, a group of guys would come to his dorm room late in the evening (between 10pm and midnight), grab the engaged man, take all his clothes off, and carry him outside where they would throw him into a fountain. On the way to the fountain, they would pass the freshman girls' dorm where all the girls would be hanging out the windows, watching the proceedings and cheering. The guys carrying the engaged man would stop briefly in front of the dorm so that the girls could get a better look. Then they would throw the guy into the fountain and run like crazy back to the men's dorm, with the engaged man hard on their heels. (More often than not, the engaged man would beat the rest of the crowd back to the dorm!)

            Fortunately, that never happened to me because I never became engaged while in college. If it had happened to me, I would have been mortified because, although I was a "closet nudist" at the time, I was not yet into "naturism" per se. If the same thing were to happen to me today, I would probably enjoy it!


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              I was never in a fraternity, but during my senior year I subleted a room from a satellite fraternity house.

              One night I was out in the front of the house, sitting on the steps, making a black pastel drawing of the dark street. It was a pretty quiet night, with only small numbers of people milling about once in a while, and a private security guard was standing out in the front of the sorority house across the street.

              clop. clop. clop. clop. CLOP. CLOP. CLOP...

              I looked up from my drawing to see two guys running down the street wearing nothing but running shoes. Clearly, hazing is still alive and well.

              They passed by the house, and I glanced over at the security guard across the street and he glanced back at me. We both shrugged and went back to what we were doing.


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                My frat had nude keg parties. We had a keg by the pool and we just drank beer naked. Most started out naked and the few that didn't usually got naked. The first one there was house lock up and nobody except frat brothers were allowed. Later during pledge week only the pledges were nude and the delta zeta ladies were invited. It was fun. A few times it was guy nude night and we invited girls too. Some ladies got nude some didnt. I remember one night after drinking nude I walked my girlfriend to her car and didn't realize I was nude until we got to her car which was parked about a block from the frat house. A security guard yelled at me and I streaked by to the house as fast as possible.



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                  Had a similar, but reverse, experience at the University of Washington when I was a pledge at a fraternity there. The guys were split up into teams for a beer drinking race and the losing team had to streak a nearby sorrority house during dinner. What we didn't know was that the house mother of the sorrority had been alerted ahead of time. She arranged for a group of large burly guys to be there and "capture" the naked pledges and force us to serve dinner nude to the girls.


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                    I was back at college doing some resit exams in August and was staying at the halls of residence.

                    I got bored and went down to the communal tv room to er, watch tv.

                    A group of vicars was in the room as well.

                    I turned my head to the left and looked out over to the girls quarters and just as I did so this girl ran stark naked across the hallway which was glass sided.

                    I couldn't believe it but the vicars never even flinched a muscle, intent on watching the telly, and I was gasping and turning to the them and pointing across to the girl with jaws flapping