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Fremont Summer Solstice

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  • Fremont Summer Solstice

    Yestreday was the annual Fremont Summer Solstice Festival in Seattle and once again the painted naked bicycle riders led the parade. This year was our biggest turnout yet- there were over 300 of us! There were some very creative paint jobs including a flock of flamingos, a swarm of bumble bees, and many others. The streets were lined with thousands of smiling people- even the police had smiles on.

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    Looks like it was a fun event, nekkidskier. Saw this in today's Seattle Times newspaper.

    Skin is in, Bush is out at Fremont party
    Two distinct themes were evident among the parade's participants: pro-environment and anti-Bush. Three, if you counted pro-nakedness. Before the assorted marchers and floats, the infamous nude cyclists warmed up the crowd, most in creative body paint. A zebra woman. A squadron of bees. A Wonder Woman in need of some crunches. A unicyclist with a George W. Bush mask and a black suit painted onto his body. A man with an inexplicably red-painted body and enormous catfish on his head.

    Link to the complete story, photos and slide show -



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      I am amazed that someplace in the USA would have a public naked event. Maybe there are those who are finally loostening up to the reality of the world. Great !!!