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    I am sort of new here(this is my first post at least) but I have read a few messaes where people talk about getting caught by the police. I was curiouse of everyones opinion of the police in general, and how they were treated if they have ever had any dealings with them?
    Obviously I ask because I "know a bit about the subject" and I am curiouse if you see them as the enemy or someone who is doing what they have to do.

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    I am sort of new here(this is my first post at least) but I have read a few messaes where people talk about getting caught by the police. I was curiouse of everyones opinion of the police in general, and how they were treated if they have ever had any dealings with them?
    Obviously I ask because I "know a bit about the subject" and I am curiouse if you see them as the enemy or someone who is doing what they have to do.


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      In my case they were just doing their job. I wasn't mistreated, and there were no actual charges against me. The shrink I was sent to said I had used "Poor judgement".


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        A couple of years ago I smoked some potent stuff and walked out the door(suburbs) stark naked(not even shoes). It was around 2a.m. so nobody around except a police cruiser up the block. Male and female cop. She(good looking too) did all the talking. She saw I was pretty wired and told me to walk back the block and a half to my house.They followed in the car. She then came into my house to make sure I was ok. I hit a verrrrry good lady. Coulda been fined and jailed.


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          you know i do not like cops,but other then traffic tickets,of which i have had three over 34 plus years. they were just doing based on what they knew at the time,[ex-wife, pulling some stunts,that would later on back fire on her].
          never was arrested for anything,took my gun once but returned it later.[ex-wife again].


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            I think they have a tough job to do. In most cases they handle things extremely well. I do think we all make mistakes and they are no exception. I know of one time where we had a sheriffs deputy that started his own personal crusade against our local nude beach. Writting citations because he felt offended by the nudity. After we started writting some letters and made a few phone calls to his superiors he was reassigned to another area, problem solved. I also met a senior police officer at our local nudist resort. He worked in a community about 80 miles north of us and he and his wife were very nice. So in general I don't think of them as the enemy just people who have a very difficult and sometimes thankless job to do.

            P.S. My oldest son has been working for the local police dept for two years now and is going to the academy in January.


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              The Naturist Action Commity posts all current laws dealing with indecent exposure and nudity in public. I took a look at their website under the section dealing with Indiana to make sure the cops would have no reason to ever come to my house. Also I discussed my nude back yard activities with my neighbor. SHe is the only one who has a clear view to my back yard. As it turned out, she was a nudist too! Unfortunatley, she is planning to move. I hope the new neighbors are as open minded as she is!



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                Thanks for the feed back. Seems to be the opinions are what I was thinking they generally would be.


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                  I hve only had one encounter with Law enforcement while nude. While at Pea Island (the outer banks of NC), I had a fish and wild life officer approach me and informe me of the law (can't expose your genitals to a member of the opposite sex). He then asked me to be care full of families and children and went on his way.

                  I understand that there is now a fish and wildlife officer on the OBX who has given at least one married couple tickets ($150. each) for being nude in front of eachother). I have also been told that he claimed it is his goal to rid the OBX of nudists.



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                    I have had two encounters with police while nude. One was on New Years Eve of Y2k. I was strolling down a street at 3 am wearing nothing but a red, white & blue ("Uncle Sam" style) sequined Happy New Year Y2K hat. Didn't even know they were there, rolled up behind me completely silently. They squawked the siren, which scared me to death. Then they told me to 'pull over to the side of the road (uh.. but I was walking on the sidewalk...)and present my driver's license". I didn't take it too seriously because they were laughing so hard. Then they just drove off.

                    The other time was in college. The school I was attending was in a rural area. It was well after midnight and I was takig a nude stroll down a two rut dirt track in the forest. I'd thought that surely I'd be completely alone here but, lo and behold, I'm caught in the headlights of a police cruiser. Their red and blue lights came on and they fixed a spotlight on me. I jumped like a rabbit and shot off into an adjacent swamp. I could hear them calling it in over their radios; they were taking it very seriously. Eventually they gave up and left.

                    Later I found out that that dirt road was a popular "lovers lane" for college students. The cops loved to roll silently down there, lights off until they got right up to you, to catch kids in flagrante delicto and bust 'em for lewd conduct. This was back in the 70s and there was this big "red necks" vrs. "hippies" clash going on.

                    I did just miss a big bust at Pirate's Cove, next to Malibu. I was going there with a Mensa Clothing optional group when we found it was blocked off. They had everything there you could imagine, deputies on horse, on foot, on ATVs and dirt bikes, in helicopters and in boats off shore to nab the people who simply stayed in the water. Busted hundreds and if you didn't have ID you went to the slammer. That was mostly a few younger minors as people over 16 usually had driver's licences.

                    The people who fought eventually got all charges dropped. The Sherrif declined to allow the cases to come to trial and, person by person, eventually many paid the fine and pled out, worn down by repeatedly showing for trial only to have it continued yet again. The judge figured out what the Sherrif and prosecutor were up to and ordered them to put up or shut up. Charges were dismissed, but only for those who had stood fast. Those who pled and paid were screwed.

                    Generally police are quite accomodating if the nudity falls within the accepted legal bounds. I even have a number of photos of nudes posing with the cops at the Bay to Breakers event. But don't try to argue the law with a cop if he decides to bust you. Cooperate, humble yourself, hope he lets you off and save it for the judge if he doesn't.


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                      I work with cops everyday I am at work, though I am not a cop. They've got a tough job, most people don't like them. I like, respect and get along with most of them. Most of them I have talked to about nudism have said they have more important things to worry about then to hassle someone for simple nudity.

                      It's those few that take themselves too seriously and want to enforce every little law they can that I don't have much time for. Most of these cops were young and new on the job. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_cool.gif[/img]


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                        My son is a sheriff's deputy, and I have had numerous friends in law enforcement. I highly respect them. As in all things you will find a few rotten apples. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]


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                          I agree. We employ the police and expect them to do a job. We can't then complain if they do that job. The police, like tax inspectors, are one of the few professions that we criticize for being over-zealous (public servants are usually thought to be the precise opposite of this).

                          Here in the UK the vast majority of police are unarmed. They want to keep it that way and so do I.

                          As far as nudity is concerned, the police are selected from the general populace and are thus to a large extent representative of that community. If people complain about what they consider to be inappropriate nudity, then the individual officers are bound to apply their own standards to a large extent. After all, they have to decide what behaviour amounts to "disorderly" or "harassment" or "distress" in any given situation, and what doesn't. Later on a judge in a County Court may disagree with an officer's decision made at the time and whilst under pressure and award damages against his employer - and ruining the policeman's career into the bargain. That's why potentially contraversial laws have to be as clear and unambiguous as possible.



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                            My only nude encounter with the law was several years back at Mazo Beach. It seems there was an acidental drowning at the beach during the night and the sheriff's department was asking everyone at the beach what we saw or heard. There were no comments about our nudity nor were any of the beach patrons asked to cover up during the investigation and recovery.


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                              I, too, want to give the police their proper respect. They have a thankless, dangerous job where they encounter the worst of society every day. They can never tell which call will be the dangerous one.

                              The politicians write the laws but the police must interpret these laws in what they see. They are the applied law. They also must decide if a crime is serious enough for them to follow up on. Should they go after the car that is going 7mph over with a back brakelight not working? Should he go after the man who tossed his fast food bag toward the trash can, but missed? Should he arrest someone or help them?

                              Their job is hard. A nudist salute to all the police officers!

                              Bob S.