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Oh well, I tried.

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  • Oh well, I tried.

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      What forum are you talking about and how specificly is he trashing it? Before I make a comment I will need more information. Also are you sure you aren't exagerating a little? 24 post's a day is a lot, he dosen't even post that many here.


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        You have stated in another forum "We do not want anything to do with nudists..."

        As this is a nudist forum perhaps I could respectfully suggest that you have nothing further to do with us and make no further contibutions here.

        If you have a problem with one of the members of your own forum,, then deal with it yourself. I might suggest that if you don't like a person's posts that you ignore them - eventually they'll get fed up and go away. On the other hand I may be mistaken but I thought you Christians were welcoming and tolerant of everbody, even those you perceive as sinners, so perhaps you should humor him and let him have his say.

        Whilst you're here however please have a look at the articles linked from the home page of the International Naturists Federation at . Hopefully these will help you to understand that nudism is not a perversion as you seem to think (I've read your posts!). Whether or not it's consistent with Christianity I personally cannot comment but there are plenty of Christians who contribute to these forums who clearly think it is. So before you condemn nudism and, by implication your fellow Christians, outright find it in your heart to acknowledge that yours is not the only truth.

        Incidentally you should have directed your post to the Off Topic Miscellaneous section.


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          Me: I think it's pretty obvious none of us
          have any idea what you're talking about.


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            Hello Me,
            Who are you, what foram are you talking about, and how can one person make thousends of us look bad? Please respond!!! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif[/img]


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              I can't see why or how one person can make all of us look bad. Not one of us is responsible for what any one other person says anywhere. No one speaks for me.

              Incidentally, Me, if you see this, I am a born-again Baptist and a nudist, and I see no conflict in the two.

              I'm sure that this person, Me, won't be back to this forum. He or she submitted his or her complain, and that's probably all we'll hear, though the person did ask to be told what to say to Friend.


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                Yeah, I did check back. I was just wanting a little help. In 26 days he posted 647 times and is #2 on the forum. That is almost 25 per day.


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                  So, what would you like us to do about it, you keep complaining, but don't answer any of our questions [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_eek.gif[/img]


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                    To "Me",
                    What message board are you talking about? Not ours. User #2 is Corey Mangold, INA President. He has not posted 25 times a day.