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what are the roots of your naturism/nudism?

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  • what are the roots of your naturism/nudism?

    What are the roots of your naturism/nudism? I would say that I started in earnest after I was married. My wife and I just began with nudity around the house. But I think my own love affair with nudity started much earlier in my life. When I was a kid, my brother and I were always very matter of fact about nudity in front of each other. Once as teenagers we went on a camping trip in New Hampshire with an older cousin and spent most of the weekend naked. This was my first time naked outside. Any comments?

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    What are the roots of your naturism/nudism? I would say that I started in earnest after I was married. My wife and I just began with nudity around the house. But I think my own love affair with nudity started much earlier in my life. When I was a kid, my brother and I were always very matter of fact about nudity in front of each other. Once as teenagers we went on a camping trip in New Hampshire with an older cousin and spent most of the weekend naked. This was my first time naked outside. Any comments?


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      Wow - that's a hard one to answer! I think it was a combination of things.

      First, my parents - they are very, very modest. They always dress and undress in their bedroom or bathroom with the door locked. I can hear the lock turn as soon as they enter the room. This made me real curious when I was really little. I wanted to know just what the heck was going on in there that they had to hide. Of course, I tried everything from peeking through keyholes to trying to look under the door. No luck. DARN!!! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

      Second - I hate the bother of winter clothing. It's heavy and uncomfortable. I love the summer sun - the feel of the warmth of the sun on my bare skin. I esp. love the sun on my back!

      I remember always feeling down when winter was coming, and feeling real happy that the sun was returning come spring! As soon as I could, I would always put on a sleeveless top and shorts. During summer vacation, I would almost live in a bathing suit! My parents would become annoyed with. . . "It's too soon to dress like that, you'll catch cold!!". . . but I always tried to dress with as little as clothing as possible.

      Third - I met Steve, who is now my boyfriend. I would tell him how much I love the summer sun against my skin, and why, and then one day he told me about nudism. As he talked, I could see how much he enjoyed it. And he was always sooooooooo nice to me and always treated me with respect. I could never picture him taking advantage of me.

      So, I guess between my curiousity to know what the big deal is about nudity, my love of the summer sun on my bare skin, and my dreading the idea of piling on winter clothes, plus a great deal of encouragement, support from Steve, I got my courage up and started to wear skimpy and then skimpier bathing suits. Eventually, I got my courage up and went for a nude social swim over Steve's house.

      I now love the nude lifestyle [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]


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        My first experiance with being nude in public was as a member of the YMCA in the 50es. My folks bought me a membership so that I would have an indoor place to swim during the winter months. It was a mixture of males of various ages. At first I was a bit shy but in no time I got into the groove and really enjoyed nude swimming.

        Next there was my membership in the Boy Scouts. Most all the guys from the various packs willing swam in the nude when at camp. It was great fun and just one of those things you did at BSA camp outs.

        As I outgrew these involvements I found I still had an interest in being nude in the out of doors.
        The warm sun and breezes made me feel good. There were many forest and open fields where I grew up. I frequently would go for day hikes and as soon as I was free to do so would get nude. I continued with these activities all the way through my school years. I kept my preference to be nude a private matter so my family never knew.

        Once married, my wife quickly recognized that I was a nudist. From the first day of our marriage I never wore any bed clothing. Her parents got wind of this fact but my father-inlaw settled the matter very quickly. His public statement was "You two are married so you do as you want." Nobody in her family has ever mentioned it since. That was 35 years ago. My wife and I most always sleep in the nude and spend as much time as we can awake in the nude. It is as pleasurable now as when I was eight years old. Perhaps even more so, as now I get to share my nude experiances with my best wife. Thanks, Jetman


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;f=1;t=000917 there I told my story how I grow in this.

          Generally it was:
          1)good sample of two famous intelectuals in our land
          2)good sample of my classmate never sleeping dressed
          3)sample of other classmate openly saying going to nude beach
          4)sample of neighbourous family walking home nude

          I am extremely sorry and sad that I have lost many (and best) years of my life with inhibitions and dont begin to nuding when youngster. But as folksentence says, "better late as too late", so let be happy even with the rest.


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            Since I am the only nudist on my side of the family and my wife is the only nudist on her side, I guess our roots with nudism started with us.

            We slept nude on our wedding night and have ever since, 30 years ago. I started sleeping nude my freshman year of high school. I had my own room so I could close the door and be nude when I slept. It became more difficult when I enlisted in the Navy, but I still managed to sleep nude in boot camp and on board ship. Amazing the lengths a nudist will go to be nude!

            We've been home and backyard nudists most of our lives together until about 5 years ago. I finally confinced my wife that social nudity would be fun. She reluctantly tried it and now is enjoying it with me whenever we get a chance. Which is most of the time. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_cool.gif[/img]


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              Great topic Henry the VIII, er, nudecollar.

              For me, I have always enjoyed being naked. Way back when my brother, sister, and I al played our "naked games" to my teenage years when my naked time was reserved to my room or when I was alone in the house. I have always had the need to be naked. I started sleeping naked, oh gosh, I don't even remember. I stopped wearing underwear when I was about 12.

              Interestingly, I am the only one of my family who is a nudist and, in fact, my sister is very textilic. My mother has commented that if she was ever in a serious car accident, she hopes that she was unconcious seeing as how in the ER, they cut your clothes off.

              I don't think my father is too keen on nudism and I don't care about my brother anymore so the less contact, the better (nothing to do with nudism, he's just a royal a-hole).

              I do have a couple of extended family members whom I would love to introduce into the lifestyle, but I haven't decided how exactly to go about it.

              Bob S.


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                If I remember correctly my interest in nudism began with an episode of LA Law. A woman who was apparently a nudist walked into a room naked. Ever since seeing that scene I have thought that nudism was cool. Now whether or not I could be considered a nudist I am naked more than most nonnudists.


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                  Bob S. Member # 1375
                  posted 30-07-2003 19:17
                  ""I stopped wearing underwear when I was about 12.""

                  Me about 15 and so on now 30 years long. All the time I felt a bit weird in this but other way feel as in inquisition. How nice is hear that I am not alone.

                  Many times I had fall in junky situations because this, for example in occassion of unexpected swimming with colleges or (more funny) new office duty form trousers maker-girl called for measurement, or coming in hospital after accidental trauma. Uff! Dont You had such?


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                    Like a lot of other folks, I started sleeping nude before I can remember. My Mom would tell me that she would go in my room before she went to sleep and cover my naked butt up, and laugh about it in a caring way. I stop wearing underwear when I moved out, less to wash, and buy. I always wanted to go to a nudist resort as long as I can remember. When I was a kid I would look at my big brother Playboy, and seen the jokes about nudist camps and think that would be so cool to go to.
                    I fell into it by getting a haircut. I was waiting for my haircut, and pick up a local magazine that had an ad on the back cover. I remember it well, now 10 years later. It said " Job have you stress out? Come relaxed at a clothing optional chilly cook off, guarantee to relieve stress" My job at the time was highly stressful so I called the phone number, and ask if this was a "Nudist Park" she told me that they are now called "Sun Clubs". I told her I always wanted to go to one, but I was afraid that "Something would come UP" she laughs and said, that's what all new guys think. It doesn’t happen she said, "It's a natural thing not a sexual thing". If you come to the chilly cook off it will be about a 50/50 crowd, you will be comfortable either way. After being there about an hour with my boys, they wanted to go swimming, we were told the rules about swimming with no clothes, and the boys were OK with this, so next thing you know we spent all our spare times at "Sun Clubs"



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                      I've posted before about growing up in the 30s & going naked during the long hot southern summers was the norm, not only for me but for a lot of my friends. Here is a previous post I had on this subject.

                      I guess I was born into it. When conditions were such that there was a choice whether to wear clothes or be naked I chose to be naked. I must confess that there were many times where I was encouraged to be naked by my parents, especially my mother. Money was tight and the summers hot in the 30's. Being naked was more comfortable and helped a bit on the clothing bills too, I suppose.

                      We kids while still pre-buescent had an advantage over our folks, we could be naked regardless of who was around. Our parents couldn't. Real reason for this was never given, we figured it out ourselves when we got older. All we were ever told if we asked was that kids could do certauin things grown ups couldn't, just like grown ups could do certain things kids couldn't. We kids never thought much about it, we and a lot (but not all) of our friends just played naked. None of us ever questioned anyone as to why they wore clothes or went naked, we just all got along together.
                      I know one other person posted that they grew up this way also. While we all played together naked for most this ended with the onset of puberty. With me it didn't. I just plain didn't like having to wear anything (providing it was warm enough to be comfortable) and still don't.

                      There were times after getting into puberty that I'd be naked at home & a friend would come over clothed that prior to puberty was almost always naked. Sometimes the friend would get naked if we were staying in the house or in a secluded area & other times I'd put something on so we could bike ride or do something else.

                      Nudeity for children was pretty much accepted out in the open before puberty, but after attaining puberty it was frowned upon.


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                        mu nudism started when I was a teenager and living out in the country. No other houses were close and I found out I reallly enjoyed playing outside naked. Unfortunately, it was always by myself but shortly after getting married I found out about nudist camps and have since gone to many, especially here in TX.