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  • Monk

    How many of you saw the Monk episode on USA network on Friday July 27? There is a murder commited on a nude beach. Monk, with all his phobias, immediately thinks one of the nudists had to have done it. All in all I thought that the show did a good job of showing that nudists are really normal people.

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    Sorry...never even heard of this show. Is it a cable thing?


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      Is too bad being a nudist and normal people means we also are prone to killing each other in such animalistic behavior. Sad but true.


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        Neither the victim nor the murderer were nudists


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          Yes, I saw the show. The funny thing was, Monk's assistant had a nude past and seemed to enjoy the memories and Monk got over the phobia about being naked.


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            Didn't see the show (and don't know anything about it). But if the murder happened at a Public Nude Beach, wouldn't it be more appropriate to call it a Clothing Optional Beach - where Monk wouldn't be impelled to be nude himself?

            Take Care & Enjoy Life Bare,


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              I saw the show concerning Monk and the Nudist. Though there was nothing directly wrong with the show, it did imply that the nudist in this show anyway were silly and "off center", just a bit. Their trailer meeting about not being able to find the pen on the floor and then their not having "any" clothing to put on was just a bit much!

              The good part was that AANR got a free promo as the nudist with the trailer was flying their flag over his place. Saw that when they were looking down from the rich guy's patio on to the trailer. During the interior shot of the nudist's trailer their was a Naturist poster on the far, rear wall. Two good promo's. Some positive things were also said by the Monk's boss about Nudist having rights and their right to be protected as (odd-ball) citizens.

              As for Monk actually getting over his fear of nudist...I am not sure he did. In the closing section of the program he gets a full frontal look and hug from a male nudist. His reaction was to walk off across the beach and into the surf. Sawdust


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                Originally posted by R.M.GREENMAN2:
                Sorry...never even heard of this show. Is it a cable thing?
                Yes, it is on the USA cable network.


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                  Wow, I'm surprised some of you haven't heard of Monk! It's a very popular show on the USA network. I sometimes watch it, but mainly because I'm tuning in for Psych, which comes on afterwards.

                  As for this episode, I thought about coming here afterward and posting, but for some reason I didn't. Glad someone else caught the episode. I did notice the Naturist Society poster in the trailer and was glad they went for realism and showed the people as pretty normal, though I did find them to be just a bit too odd.


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                    Actually, there are 2 threads for the "Mr Monk Goes to a Nude Beach" episode. The other is under miscellaneous.

                    I found the episode interesting for several reasons. The nudists, as Monk called them although the main character said he preferred "naturist", were presented as generally normal, everyday people. They did refer to the need to be dressed for a public hearing as "textiled". They were compassionate and gave up their achievement of protecting their "nude beach" (that's what the sign said) for the health and welfare of a very,very obnoxious neighbor.

                    And, interesting to me, was the fact that Monk's adversion to being naked came from a negative early childhood memory in which he remembered being naked and slapped about several times with people looking and taking pictures. Yes, as he discovers with his psychiatrist, he had remembered his birth.

                    At the end, he does get a warm hug from the main naturist character and walks into the sea. The other thread suggested this was disgust at being hugged by a nudist. But the Monk character is one that requires a baby wipe for his hands every time he shakes hands with someone so a full body hug would naturally require a full body cleaning - walking into the ocean. Appropriate for the obsessive-compulsive character.


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                      I'm sorry I missed the show, my son told me about it and it sounded hilarious. Especially when the one guy told Monk to back off and Monk said that he only told him that so that Monk would have a full view.

                      You have to know the character that Monk is to appreciate some of the comments made here about the specific show. Sounds like it was good in that it presented nudists in a "neutral" vein.

                      There's a lot of background people in Monk episodes that are slightly off balance so you have to expect some of that.