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Getting naked on a shoestring

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  • Getting naked on a shoestring

    About 5 years ago my wife and I decided to make the transition from our backyard to the social scene (which is a real pain here in N. Nevada). Our first trip was to a nearby hotsprings. My wife was a bit reluctant and quite hesitant at first but eventually took the plunge and got naked. She felt so comfortable and relaxed that I had to promise that we would do it again before she would get dressed to go home. After that we started looking for new places to go to. Due to the fact that time and money are both in very short supply we have to combine two or more stops into one trip. Our first long trip was to see relatives in San Jose followed by an overnight stay at Lupin Lodge. Had a great time there. The next year we went back to Lupin. We were invited to join in on a volleyball game. We had a lot of fun but forgot the sunscreen and burnt our butts, OUCH. From there it was up to the Red White & Blue beach and then on to Harbin Hotsprings. We spent two nights there and met alot of nice people but found it a bit too strange for us. We made another trip to the oh so lovely Red White & Blue beach for a great overnight stay (that is no more, I'll miss it). We took the long way around and stopped at a small resort for 20 minite tour that turned into a 2 hr invitation to have lunch and go for a swim. Then we stopped for a stroll along the beach at Bonney Doone. Very nice . Last year we did an overnight stay at Laguna Del Sol. We had so much fun and met so many nice people that we paid extra fees to stay longer.
    Our last big trip was an anniversary celebration at Living Waters Spa. Between all the nice people, great massages , and very comfortable beds we were in heaven. In between all of our other trips we often fequent our nearby hotsprings to meet up with old friends and make new ones while looking for new places to check out.


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    Aaah, people after my own heart!

    I like to try out new places, so much so that I did a tour of naturist beaches, clubs, resorts in New ealand and Australia, not only did I enjoy some very nice places but I made some very good friends along the way, so much so that I'm going back next year.

    I'm going to be leading a small party of naturists around New Zealand in the first instance, then I may expand that to Australia if there is enough interest. If I get this scheme off the ground I'll post here on CFI so that anyone who may be interested can join the party.

    Pete Knight


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      These two narratives sound most excellent! Thanks for sharing !


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        Very nice story sunfisher. That's what I've been wanting to do for the longest time, but unable to find the time. It's nice that the two of you are able to enjoy the nude life and nude get aways together.


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          wow! you made a lot of great stops and the best enjoyed them together! that's how we get great posts on here!!


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            Hi, Sunfisher,

            You've chosen a great set of spots to visit.

            But have you ever been on the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe? It's an easy trip from Reno, the lake is spectacular, and the beaches and the area around are marked for nude sunbathing by the US Park Service: so naked hiking in the area is legal. You don't have the amenities you would have at Laguna del Sol, but hey, you said you're on a shoe string.

            I recommend the place. It's one of the best.



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              Yes, we have made a few trips to Lake Tahoe and you're right it is a very beautiful place to go. We hope to make a few more trips this year.



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                We will be in the Tahoe area in a few weeks. Can you give information on the hotspring you are talking about and do you know of any areas good for nude hiking other than the Tahoe beach?



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                  Yes Lake Tahoe real soon as soon as I can walk again that is. The Hot springs he is talking about is Sierra Hot Springs in Sierraville CA which is about an hour from Reno. My wife and I like it mostly in the Spring and Fall, occasionally in the winter when the snow isn't to bad, and only in the evenings during the summer as its way to hot during the day.

                  I am looking forward to Lake Tahoe this season however because you can't drive to the beach I musy wait until I can walk more.