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Caught by a clothed hiker while hiking nude...anybody else?

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  • Caught by a clothed hiker while hiking nude...anybody else?

    Earlier today, I was hiking in one of my favorite hike/swim/sun spots when I encountered a clothed hiker. I was nude, all I was able to do was say 'hi', and promptly turn around and get my shorts on. He was gone soon after, and as a result, I was nude again. Has anything like this happended to anyone before? Let me know!!

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    Earlier today, I was hiking in one of my favorite hike/swim/sun spots when I encountered a clothed hiker. I was nude, all I was able to do was say 'hi', and promptly turn around and get my shorts on. He was gone soon after, and as a result, I was nude again. Has anything like this happended to anyone before? Let me know!!


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      Yes on a few occaisions but surprisingly never had a negative experience.

      One time while I was hiking a nearby state park durring the work week I encountered an man and woman on horse back. I was unable to cover in time so I stood there to the side of the trail and allowed them to pass, muttering good morning or something.

      On another time I saw a few others hiking up from a well known clothing optional hotsprings. I smiled said hello and kept right on going no problem. I guess that is because a group of us had hiked there once before and we had encountered many other clothed hikers.

      I think if I have others with me especially in mixed gender company I am not worried about encountering clothed hikers. In fact I would say I rather enjoy it. The expressions and the conversation is priceless.


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        I'm an activist for public nudity and do lots of things nude outdoors, so I often meet up with clothed people when nude. I rarely cover up, because I don't believe that any part of the human body should have to be hidden.

        I would say that, out of 20 times, I get one negative reaction, 2 positive reactions and 17 neutral reactions (neutral meaning no reaction to, or comment on, my nudity).

        Here is one account of a dayhike where I met up with several groups of clothed people:



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          A short time after moving into our new apartment, we decided to take a hike thru the 800 acre nature preserve behind our place. After about a half hour we didn't encounter ANYBODY so we decided to finish the hike nude. All went perfectly well for some time. We hiked the trails, sat around the pond and then headed back. As we approached the area close to our place, my roomate yells out that someone was coming and we ducked behind bushes to get dressed. Well, being that it was hot out and we had a long hike, I was sweaty and sticky and getting the sweats on was next to impossible. Turns out that a lone woman was hiking as well, clothed, with a big smile from ear to ear. Nothing ever came out of it all but talk about first impressions at a new place...



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            Hi! I will tell now I came about be catched some three weeks ago.

            As I told earlier, we- the group of 9 persons, travelled to Sweden and picked bit a wild berries in the northern woodland to add the money for later spend a wonderful vaccations looking touristic places in Norway.

            So while picking the berries I allways used to go far away from the other mates and then walked to seek for best berry places and picking them up in the most comfortable suit as I ever know and You may guess three times what it was, anyhow I was extremely happy to be what I am.

            So I went in the really wild woodland tree-cuts, what there are going dozen of dozens such kilometer to kilometer size "pancakes" touching one to each another the many tens of kilometers common length and no map exists new enough to show the all of- they variates from year to year, so one must be extra cautionous to not be lost.

            Anyhow, learning from my last year experience I had with me as shorts and t-shirt, as compass and clock and mobile in the bottom of one pail, while other I used to fill with a berries. So it goes on the picking, some ten foots left, then twenty right, then elsewhere and more and see, I am looking for most important pail but that is heavely impossible to find it.

            I clearly remember I put it on the giant stone high enough to be easily seen from the pass, but even pass is impossible for me to find now and such big stones I see a million. After second hour in troubles I let it sensless and had a thought I should find the blindroad from which I started and from that the pass - so on, while at the end back my pail with dresses.

            While on the tree-cuts, somewhere goes the wheel-holes of all-terrain-foresters (what a monstrous machine indeed, more powerful as a Lunar mobiles) I started to go one of them beated deep as meter or more seemingly going the right direction (damn, compass is lost) but soon realized that is far different way as I came in. Anyhow I see some kilometers afront my blinway rondelle, so I am going careless while coming near to realize THIS IS ANOTHER rondelle and so consequently another blindway.

            I need to explain the structure of blindways is net-shaped so in the worst case one may come out of woods some a hundred kilometers from inlet of „his” blindway from the mainroad "opposite" side. Happily after some 5 kilometers I recognize wellknown highway and as a choffer I have a good visual memory so I see my blindway are only some three kilometers afar and then some five back to our tent lager.

            Only one problem, in midst the both blindroad ends stays the certain Swedish village, let it is only 3 or 4 housholds, but is no easy for me to go totally naked on the mainroad with cars every 5 minutes and houses both sides the way.

            Addittionally, to make all worser, know the Swedish customs, all cardrivers in the rural places allways puts hand up to say hello and it is very unpolite to not do the same or run in the bushes thay may think me are thieve or murderer (Sweeds are very squealer nation with broad immagination for fantasies).

            So walking those 3 kilometers I had met some at least 4 or 5 cars and hailed them back, but noone stopped or called police. It means northern Swedish people are really tolerant and nice people in fact.

            But now comes the most difficult. In the tent lager are sitting one of us to watch the things, and because of that was a Saturday it was friendess of my wife which is strong adventist believer and "cristalline pure" moraller. She simlpy may not work in saturdays. Now it is a question how to come in the tent place to pick up the other shorts, for the next 3 kilometers to the beginning of my lonely path is overcrowded by at least 7 group members from which 5 are woman (strange, I have more conscious to be nake before man not a woman and have feeling they will understand me better, while seems the sure the reality is opposite).

            How this is with You??

            So I simply came near, said hello, and told I had lost a pail and shall go back from this side to look for. She asked is it worse to loose a time for so small valuable thing but after I told the telephone she answered okay and for my surprise even unmentioned I am naker as nake so it would be quite normal and often to see me such way.

            I took the shorts on, went back to woods and after a hour I find lost telephone (it is not a cheep one- Siemens ME45) and all other stuff. Strange that in those day I earned about twice as other, small money indeed but this was terrible summer, something around 50 USD.

            Yes, hiking naked under Sun is not only mentally or physically strenghthening, in this state most of works are much more effective to do.


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              I often go to nearby mountains for nude hikes and always run into clothed people. I never get offended. Most reactions are neutral and a few positive ones, but none negative. One time I saw a ranger coming my way, but he was quite friendly and encouraged my hike. I thanked him and moved ahead. Most people I meet were young people that always remain neutral to see me nude. In few cases, they waved. I always enjoy my nude hikes without any fears.


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                Kash, if you have the time, share some of your hiking experiences with us. An Alaskan nudist who is about to go into hybernation for the winter loves reading stories by other like-minded folks. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]


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                  One of my favorite hikes in the Sierra is to Cleos Baths above Pinecrest Lake a very popular trail...about 3 miles each way...I remained clothed until having to ford the river in the less used area above the main bath area..removing my hiking cross I was alone ..I decided to go all the way and get naked in the warm sun and remove my sweaty clothes...It was great to sprawl nude on the flat polished granite gently sloping to the river ...after about half an hour I heard voices and looked up to see a family cresting the granite outcropping...They hesitated and the children started to turn back.. so I quickly pulled on my shorts...They all then proceeded down to cross where I had crossed and passed on by and on up the river...A shy and red faced me could only manage a "hi ..nice day" ...Soooo ..I guess I need more practice to become a true Naturist.. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] Outdoorbare


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                    You are a true naturist Outdoorbare, just respectful of others. You're adventures in nudism are always enlightening and enjoyable to read. Just keep doing it...naked of course. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]


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                      Yep, this happened just last weekend....this male met a clothed problem....I figure, it is sort of like being in the change room at the gym....Did run into a couple, since they were in thong type swimwear, I did not think they would care. Issue is often families with kids that are older than about 6 years old. Little kids don't notice people are nude.


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                        Originally posted by au_nat_2002:
                        [qb] Earlier today, I was hiking in one of my favorite hike/swim/sun spots when I encountered a clothed hiker. I was nude, all I was able to do was say 'hi', and promptly turn around and get my shorts on. He was gone soon after, and as a result, I was nude again. Has anything like this happended to anyone before? Let me know!! [/qb]
                        At the risk of being accused of repeating myself, yes. Check out "Your most interesting nude exp. on this forum, several postings in/down. Happy Trails Bob


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                          I have had situations of hikers happening upon me as I skinny dipped.

                          Once while swimming on the Roaring Fork River near Aspen, a woman hiker came over a rock near the cliff I was getting ready to dive off. I heard a sound off to my side and we saw each other at the same time. Her jaw dropped at first, probly not expecting to run into this kind of nature, and I grabbed my towel to cover up.
                          I started to apologize, but she said it was fine. She was only mildly shocked and stuck around awhile and talked while I swam.

                          She had told me that she was from Boulder and ran into this kind of thing all the time in the Boulder Canyon.

                          Other times it was just a couple of giggles and walk on by. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]


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                            I just wonder about one difference, how heavy it is. Difference between true and polite nudist be caught and exibicionist intensionally be caught. Does it lay in the satisfaction - first are not happy but another has in that all the aim of his motivation??

                            At 20 of august and yesterday in the Latvian languaged forum "" (sorry, most of You will fail it - no translation engines available) this question was diskussed littabit but no common judgement was brought out.

                            So I ask, does a nudist who cares not about being seen by others is or are not at least some sort of pervert (I want to understand am I or not, for if it would not be illegal I would risk to be a rare-one living as me feel better, You quess how). Or as an extreme case, the wellknown hero, Steve Gough in the Scottland frolicking publicly with an intention (while blameless intention at my eyes)...

                            Simply where it stays the frangible boarder between "good boy" and "bad boy"?

                            1)If difference stays in the politness, say, "sorry You caught me, if You demand I shall dress up myself" then Steve Gough is a terrible pervert. 2)While if stays in the intention to tiltilliate the "that woman there" only tiltilliator is definitely pervert while Steve is blameless. 3)But if "adrenaline comes" at risk be caught with climax if succeed to dress up in the last second?? What is this, is it pervertism or something just innocent fun or just joy that nude adventure had a "happy end"? Does all this is acceptable for "true" naturist or we should stamp a shame over articles here coming near a sharp end of "sinfulness".

                            Dont understand is this "end" sharp at all - may be someone else do??

                            I Remember strenghtful words in one certain thick and famous book - the certain Roman leader around the 33.y.CE (Pontius was his name) said "What is the truth?" Do You have an opinion?


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                              Johny, I think that there are different kinds of nudist with respect to being seen by others:
                              1. Someone who is embarrassed to be seen.
                              2. Someone who doesn't care about being seen.
                              3. Someone who likes being seen.
                              4. Someone who likes to shock others by appearing nude.

                              The first two can be grouped together. For them, there is no sexual component. #1 is less confident about public nudity and #2 is more confident / more aggressive.

                              The second two can also be grouped together. They get a sexual reaction from being seen. #3 is harmless because his reaction is internal, and he can't be distinguished from #2. #4 is what most would call a sexual pervert because he derives sexual pleasure from shocking others.