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  • My Kind of Town

    Has anyone seen this show.

    Is a fun, family-friendly ABC program that brings sveral members of a particular American city to TV and participate in contests for money.

    Anywya, my sister called me and told me that some of the townsfolk had participated in a nude calendar. Men and women, young and old, overweight and thin, were part of it. Of course, they were covered by strategically located props (a girl was covered by a popcorn machine, a lady was covered with grocery bags and a cart, a couple were singing karaoke with the wife covering her breasts with a book and the husband sitting in front of the TV, a man was plaing drums, etc.)

    When I asked my sister if they won anything, she said no. I was a little astounded: this people had posed nude just for fun! Everybody in the studio was having a good time, with the models also enjoying themselves, laughing and some blushing. It was just a moment of clean nude, mainstream fun.

    I believe that there will be more nude calendar clips in future shows, since I saw some clips.

    Anybody else saw this?

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    Is "my kind of town" the name of the show, obviously i have'nt seen it, Just curious.


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      yes - i've seen "my kind a town" new reality show. looks to be interesting.


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        Originally posted by Jason Lee:

        Feelsgood which episode has nude participants in a calendar ?
        It was the third episode. It concerned a small town in Massachucets.

        I don't know if they'll rerun it. It's still a very fun show. Check it out.


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          Yes, an excellent show.
          Townspeople (I used to be one) are very down to earth,friendly,easy going, humble, and most of all-fun loving.

          Some of us city folk tend to be aloof, unfriendly, arrogant, and wallflowers.

          Which would you rather see on television?


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            It seems that the show has a "nude" calendar with each episode. I found the ones I have seen to be humorous and the participants seemed to be having fun with it. I am glad the show's producers have seen the humor in the nude calendar idea. If the show came to my town, I would be happy to participate!


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              I am willing also, as long as a full frontal is
              able to be seen