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  • Sharing nude recreation

    Do any of have friends of your family share nude recreation with you?

    I noticed thisaA couple of times. Once at Blacks Beach with a Dad and his son and his son's buddy. Both of the younger guys (son & son's friend) were happily walking along the beach nude with the Dad.

    Another time at a clothing optional resort. In what appeared to be family skinny dipping in the pool. Both parents; their two son's, two daughters and what appeared to be one of the sons' buddys.

    It was nice to see

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    I was at a swim social a few years ago and saw 3 generations participate in the nude swim together. They all looked very comfortable with each other.



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      i am seeing more families and one parent with children of all ages. we have a family that have been friends for a couple of years now,all nudist,and have enjoyed outdiir recreation with them. sometimes a picnic at their home (more secluded) or we will meet at a nudist daughter is in her teens and the other seven. both are comfortable being nude with us or just the adults being nude.


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        I have two male friends who are not nudists by any stretch of the imagination, but will happily strip and spend the day nude when at our house to swim. Their wives on the other hand, have never gone nude and probably never will. They have no problem with anyone else being nude, but "it's just not for them". They are happy in their oversized skirted swimsuits.

        One of those couples moved to New Hampshire a few years ago, so we rarely see them any more. After they moved, their daughter stayed with us for about two and a half weeks. It was winter, so the pool was closed, but we do have a hot tub. While she would go into the hot tub nude (it wasn't nude-mandatory), it was always by herself, never with my wife and me. I figured she'd eventually relax and join us, but she didn't.

        My older step daughter went to Gunnison Beach with her mom and me a few times when she was in her late teens. One day out of the blue, she asked if she could bring her friend along. Dierdre was a few months shy of 18 and a few months younger than Tanya. I suspected that Dierdre only wanted to go so she and Tanya could check out the guys. If so, they were sorely disappointed. The day turned out to be just about the worst beach day I've experienced there, out of close to 100 or so visits. It was cloudy, cold an and windy. I'd never seen so few people there at mid-day. We talked about Deidre coming back with us, but she went off to college, drifted away from Tanya and it never happened.

        Now, to get to the point of why I started this long-winded reply. Something ironic happened this evening.

        My younger step daughter Natasha, 23, came over to swim with her platonic friend Jason. Natasha is the exact opposite of her sister. She's extremely body-phobic both with being seen or seeing her mother and me. She recently told us that Jason wanted to go to Gunnison. Good for him. So anyway, tonight while they were swimming in the pool, Natasha was getting chilled, so she said they were going into the hot tub for a while. I replied, "you're in luck; I haven't changed the water yet. Once I change the water, we're going to have a 'no suits in the hot tub' rule." Her jaw dropped. "What about when Melissa (her friend) comes over? What about Jason?" "You're all welcome, but that's the new rule" I replied. Natasha looked at Jason who kind of grinned and said "You do what you have to do". The look on Natasha's face was priceless.



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          My sons (who are now nearing 20) have brought many friends over to enjoy our pool and home over the years. As a family, we have also had some of their parents join us for the day. One son's bf is now living with us as full time "nudie" member of the family and is visited fairly regularly by his family at our home.


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            Originally posted by justnude:
            My sons (who are now nearing 20) have brought many friends over to enjoy our pool and home over the years. As a family, we have also had some of their parents join us for the day. One son's bf is now living with us as full time "nudie" member of the family and is visited fairly regularly by his family at our home.

            This sounds like a great time! It's great that your sons and their friends are comfortable sharing nude recreation with your family. How was the transition for them to sharing nude recreation with your family?

            It appears that the positive example you set with your sons made their friends feel comfortable skinny dipping with your sons in your pool. Since your son's live-in friend has had his family visit; I am assuming they have seen the guys skinny dipping, approve of it and view it with a healthy "boys-will-be-boys" outlook (as it should be!).

            Congratulations on providing a positive environment for acceptance of nude recreation.


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              The transition for my kid's friends was fairly easy, I guess. They knew we were nudists when they accepted the invitations to come on over. For many, it was a "safe" way and place to explore the joy of skinny dipping, I guess. While there was no "requirement" that they go naked everyone of them did after a bit.

              My son's boy friend's family have been over many times now. It was a "double whammy" if you will for them for not only were they introduced to the nude thing but also were meeting their son's lover and family for the first time. `

              Thank you for the kind words-raising twin sons has had its moments!


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                I dragged home friends a few times as a kid, and once it lead to that her parents visited too.. they never really bacame nudists afaik, but they did strip with us several times.


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                  Our hot tub has always been wear what you want. But I am changing it to no textiles allowed. Easier to keep clean. Some people don't get all the soap out of their suits. With no clothes allowed, that will no longer be a problem.


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                    Not around here there isn't. There a some people who say they want to have social nudism but won't actually do anything.


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                      Our neighbour came round the other saturday evening for her first dip in our hot tub. I was already in the tub, nude of course, when the wife brought her out to the tub. She said she didn't know what was worn in a hot tub so she had her bikini on under her wrap. The wife said you can wear what you want as she was stepping out of her dress. Our neighbour said that she was hoping that we would both be nude as she didn't fancy having a bath in her bikini so joined us in the nude.
                      It has now become a regular Saturday evening having a nude soak with the neighbour. Last Saturday she did mention that she had been talking to her grandaughter who expressed an interest in joining us. I will have to get morre alcohol in if she comes round as Saturday night is her usual drinking night.


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                        Our hot tub rules are relaxed, to say the least. As a family, we bare all. The youngest has a couple of gf's that wear their bikinis. We've only had one episode with the soap monster in the five years that we've had our tub. Nude is better!


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                          I'd love to have a spa and an inground pool. We would make great use out of them.


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                            Sharing Nude Recreation

                            We have had our Hot tub two days . Three of our female friends came or called asked if they could come see it. After seeing it they remarked,well guess you'll be having late night nude swims ? We said maybe. We came home that night from the movies 4 couples were in my hot tub all nude having a party and we haven't been in it yet. All were surprized that they others wanted to try it out but did not know the others would try it nude. We were told sorry no room we are having too much fun to get out. One never knows about the people down the street. Many offers for food and drink since then, every night.


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                              A longtime friend of mine and her boyfriend visited this weekend. They are very nudist friendly and often have parties where everyone ends up naked.

                              We were at the mall and worn out when I said,

                              "How about we get some drinks and have a clothing optional evening at the apartment" Both said sure.

                              I undressed right away, her boyfriend took a shower 20 minutes later and came out nude. She chose to stay dressed. Overall it was an excellent 5 hours to spend nude with friends.