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Your views on having your photo taken while nude??

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    Originally posted by BackpackerBrian:
    Originally posted by florida-david:
    The problem with people taking my families pictures is that they get annoying, constantly asking if they can take our picture and signing releases, etc. My son likes to play volleyball (especially with Morley at Sunsport and Eastover), but the photographers come out of the wood work to take his picture. And he also gets involved in other events and once again the cameramen go nuts. I know that they are only trying to show that families are involved in naturism, but after a while, we get fed up with it and say NO MORE PICTURES, and than the photographers are confused. Now if they would send us some free pictures, that would be nice, but they have not yet. So from here on out, we will probably just say NO from the outset.

    You raise a good point David. I have attended many Gatherings with friends in lenox, MA, and so often we've been asked for group photographs from the TNS photographer. I support their mission and understand their cause, and do not mind at all actually. What I do mind is that when we ask if we can get a copy, even paying for it, the ansewr is NO. And once, when at the bottom of the mudslide, one of us did get a camera out, and we were told to put it away, even though there was no one else in our direction.

    While I don't want to be photographed by people I don't know, I think I have a right to TNS photos where I have given my consent. It's like any other camping trip with friends . . . memories would be nice

    I'm shocked that these photographers have not had the courtesy to at least send you both one or more pics from the day of the shoot.

    I've been a freelance writer and photographer since 1994 and have *always* sent hard copies of the best photos to my model(s). It's the least I can do since (1) no money changes hands and (2)they trust me enough to take good, tasteful naturist shots of themselves.

    Then, when my articles come out in either Travel Naturally, TAN - The Australian Naturist or Going Natural, I also send the model(s) a copy of the story.

    The photographers you guys have dealt with seem to be pretty self-important, if not downright insensitive. (This photo I took below shows Kim and Tod, great amateur models from Michigan while on vacation in Bonaire in 2003.)


    • I had the same things happen when I was bringing the family to nudists events. They can be a pain. I have no problem with my photo being taken even though I work in an occupation that would not appreciate the publicity. I am protective of my kids though.


      • I agree BackpackerBrian. If you are at a naturist site with friends having a good time and you want to record the memory with a photo, and if all the subjects of the photo give consent, you should be able to take the photo. The no cameras policy at most resorts prohibits this.

        P.S. Been missing your posts on the site lately.


        • I only like nude photos of myself since it's my natural state of being. I recently did a nude photo shoot with someone who was writing a story and taking photos here. He took many nude photos of me indoors and out, and I really enjoyed it. He e-mailed me copies of some of them. Ben resized them for me, and I will be using one of them as my new avatar. Most of the photos he took were above the waist since non-nudists will be reading the article, but he took two full length for me. Did I forget to say the story and photos will be published? I just forgot where.


          • I've just found this thread &, having read all 8 pages, the posts are pretty much as one would expect. The majority of males have no problem being photographed nude, so long as the pictures are being used for bona fide purposes, as for the girls, I fully appreciate their concerns for winding up on some seedy, sad sex site, just because they happen to enjoy being nude ... we all know that's not what it's about.

            Interestingingly enough, I've spoken to a few couples, even some families & offered to take their photograph (with their camera of course) at various locations in the Canary Islands, echoing Ms Lopez comments. More than once, I've seen one person standing with a camera on the beach, taking a shot of their partner/group, then forlornly looking about. I've volunteered to take a pic of all of them so the one poor soul isn't left out & the gesture has always been gratefully received.

            A few years ago, a film crew was filming at Cypress Cove (some teen low budget drama as far as I know) &, at the end of the day's filming, I got speaking to some of the crew (they were filming in a room below mine). Eventually I was asked if I'd mind being interviewed on camera, giving a European perspective to nudism. I've never seen the film they were making, nor do I have any idea if my *15 minutes of fame* (more like 4!) was destined for the cutting room floor, but, I must say, it was an experience, & not a bad one. Of course, the chances of the interview surviving & ever being shown on this side of the Atlantic may have had something to do with this!

            One thing I'd like to ask though .... many nudists frown at photographs yet, virtually all of us have nudes of ourselves. Is this because, like it or not, even we nudists are a vain lot, or, as some have suggested, we just like being able to look back on the good, nude times?



            • I don't mind if its another nudist taking the picture. I have been photographed several times and not much to look at. However once when I was out in the woods loading trucks [We were removing gravel and to close to the power co. right of way] I had to take a leak so I steped out on the catwalk and did what I had to do. When all of suden the helicopter that flies over the power lines looking for damage took pictures of me doing that which I was doing.They waved and then left.


              • I agree with Evolving. As long as it was in a naturist setting and I had given consent, I would have no problem with being photographed nude. My wife however would definitely not give her consent, giving credence to the gender gap theory on nudism.


                • Does not bother me in the least. Click away, I have nothing to hide.


                  • I don't have a problem with it. Unless it is used publicly in a negative context.


                    • But the photographers come out of the wood work to take his picture. And he also gets involved in other events and once again the cameramen go nuts.

                      Hi David,

                      YIKES! It's a good thing that you've recoginized a situation that appears to escalate out of hand pretty quickly. What's this all about? Your choice of words to describe the photographers is interesting. What do you think sparks this level of interest in photographing your son?
                      Do you think it's because so few young people are active in naturism?



                      • As a photographer for the FCN we feel that those who have been photographed (volunteered as models) and the club who supported the approved photo documentary to help promote the lifestyle should receive at least a sampling or copy of the work produced (4 X 6 prints). This gesture is but one way to demonstrate mutual respect and trust between those being photographed and the photographer and the party that he or she represents – in this case the FCN.


                        • i agree with twldr2002...if yur up for it why not...


                          • My profile pic is the result of my permission to photograph me at a nudist event last summer. I was emailed the pic from the photographer who asked me for my address as part of the permission to take the pic. The photographer is a nudist,and was nude at the time.
                            One person was found to be taking videos for his own personal use ( ahem). Someone approached him and basically told him that if he didn't take his clothes off and allow
                            himself to be photographed by everyone with a camera, he had to turn over his tape. I heard that the camera ended up in the pool.


                            • I would have no problem with having my picture taken in a nudist environment as long as the person asks my permission.

                              I think that asking permission is a courtesy that must be extended to anyone in a nudist environment before any picture is taken.


                              • Well the thing is that I am trying to break out and ask some to take a picture of me in the buff. As for now I have to rely on my crappy webcam to take a snap shot. The quality isnt there with the webcam so I am trying to find one of my friends to take it but I personally dont think that will happen. Is there any advice anyone might have regarding this issue?