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Your views on having your photo taken while nude??

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    I have no problem being photographed nude. I have had my picture taken many times and have taken pictures of others at their request. One time at Apollo Beach in Fla my wife took a few of me and a young couple next to us asked if I would take some of them. They said they were afraid to take thier digital camera out of their bag as they had heard nudists could be kind of nasty about such things. Chated with them quite awhile so that they had a better understanding of what are considered good camera manners around others.

    If I am on a nude beach that is a public place so I expect someone is going to have a camera!

    Stay healthy and stay nude!


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      I have no problem with people taking a picture of me when naked. I wonder why would a true nudist be offended by that. We are not ashamed of our bodies all the time. Not just in certain settings, right?

      Originally posted by London Joe:
      I was asked to take a photo of a young couple at Studland beach this summer and was only too pleased to oblige. Have people here had their photo taken in the buff and if so, where and when and who took it?

      I guess with the increasing popularity of digital cameras the potential embarassment of taking the film into be processed is no more!!


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        The question itself is moot for me as I haven't been to a nude beach, would like to. I wanted to respond to Barbararuth. If the avatar is you then you're certainly not overweight. Even if it isn't than I would still be surprised if that was the case. I know this is generalizing but in my experience womens number one body flaw is being too self-critical. Even if you are "heavy", so what. That doesn't stop you from being a beautiful person both inside and out. This is one of my soap box issues because I have spent almost eight years telling my wife that she is attractive and doesn't need to worry about her wieght. As a final note, women are supposed to have curves. That is not synonymous with "too heavy".


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          I have no problem with being photographed, as long as I know who is taking the photographs and where the photos will end up.

          Some of us have social standings in the community, which includes those who are ignorant on the subject of nudism.

          Certain occupations, such as law enforcement, security, pastoral care, education and the military, just to name a few, are not always nudist-friendly, for reasons which begin with ignorance.

          Needless to say, I want my pictures to be flattering, whether or not I'm clothed...but not in the wrong hands!

          As we all should know, it's only proper to ask permission before taking anyone's picture.


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            I am not bothered by others taking my picture but my fiancee will only let me take hers (see my latest album).
            She has appeared in the readers section of H&E section as well as on here, she doesn't mind people she doesn't know seeing her nude but not friends or family, which is strange when you think about it. In the same way, many British women will go topless on holiday on the beaches of Europe but not so many on home beaches.


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              Well I'm sure it's no suprise to any of you to kow that I don't mind being photographed nude but only if I know the reason for having my photo taken. I use digital and previously film. I have never had a problem getting any of these photos developed in the UK ever.

              I have only been photographed by my friends however and have never been asked by a stranger at a nude beach, if, I were I would decline.

              Whilst I am happy to be seen nude, where possible I would like to control the 'setting'.

              I think most people will have encountered these voyeur type sites and whilst it wouldn't be the 'end of my world' if there was a pic of me on one of those, I would like to minimise the chances of that happening.


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                My wife and I take pictures of each other nude. We don't really mind who sees us, but we do like to have some say in who photographs us. We like to know where the pictures are going and what they are being used for. Sometimes this isn't possible. For example, while at Hedonism III in Jamaica, most of use who used the nude beach/pool area would take over the water slide every afternoon. The water slide is located in the main pool area which is on the clothing required side of the resort. One afternoon as about 35 of us nudies were accending the stairs to the water slide, another guest came out of his room with a video camera and filmed the event. Most of the nude people just waved at him.

                If we want a picture of both of us, we usually place the camera on something and use the timer. All of our pictures now are digital. Haven't asked anyone else to take pictures for us yet.


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                  My experience being photographed mirros most of the posters. I was once asked to pose/stand for a photographer at Haulover.The photographer was using digital and promised to send, but never did.

                  As to other photographs, I use Kodak processing through K-Mart. I get the pro processing and the photos put to disc. That way I can share if others wish to see. So far, in about 20 years, I have never had a problem with the processing of nude, non-pornographoc photos being developed. I do not use the 1-hour option as the processing machine is right out there for all to see as the photos come off the printing.

                  I hope to convert to digital soon, but will continue with film without worry.


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                    Like most, I don't mind if it's for private use but you've got to be careful. There was a female mayor in a city out west who had her photo taken nude while wearing her chain of office by her husband. While they were out someone downloaded it from the computer and it ended up on the internet causing her all sorts of problems. The problem is that you never know who could end up with the photo and why?


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                      I have been at Trail 6 beach and a german couple next to my wife and I began taking a few pictures of one another at sunset by the waters edge so I asked if they would like me to take a picture of them together and they said yes. Oddly enough it was the only time my wife had gone there with me bcs she is still unsure of going nude in public. She did say it was the most relaxing beach she had been on. Moreover, looking back I would have thought that me being nude while taking a picture of a nude couple would have upset her, but the whole event was so normal. I would have done the same thing while clothed at Disneyland or a textile beach. The event didn't even phase her.


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                        Originally posted by jonholland:
                        I wanted to respond to Barbararuth. If the avatar is you then you're certainly not overweight...I know this is generalizing but in my experience womens number one body flaw is being too self-critical.

                        thanks Jon. The avatar is absolutely me and most women (unfortunately) ARE too self critical. Becoming a nudist has had a major influence in accepting my body and others.


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                          For the record, I have used Filmworks (Seattle) for processing many nude pictures of my wife and I. Have never received a nasty note or anything.

                          I would love to have someone take our picture together, but haven't gotton up the nerve to ask a bystander to take our picture.

                          I guess I really don't care if someone takes our picture for their collection... after all, we don't have anything that hasn't been seen before. Unless you count the ear growing on my penis


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                            Being active with the local c/o beaches here,I've been photographed many times for articles in AANR's publication and TNS' magazine.I have no problems with it,but agree with asking first.This seems the standard practice with most folks.


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                              I know I'm staying off topic a little but I can't help but be wistful about the boost in self-esteem that naturism gives people. I constantly try to build up my wife but she dismisses it. Unfortunately she has said that she doesn't want to try actual naturism (we're pretty casual at home. I would like to in part because it might be a positive influence and in part because at home naturism is so comfortable. Here's to hoping.


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                                "The avatar is absolutely me..."

                                barbararuth, your once-lovely avatar has been damaged, cut off along the lower edge. Could you or someone please restore it to its formerly completeness and glory? Thanks.