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Your views on having your photo taken while nude??

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    Originally posted by David77:
    Please make no mistake. The above post was not by me.

    I go by David77.
    He goes by David177.
    This one thin number can confuse everyone._

    You are right, sorry about the confusion. I don't post here often, remember wanting to make a post on something, needing a new name and two names that I liked where already in use, so I choose David177 quickly without a lot of thought. My apologies, I'll see if I can find something else more unique that I like.



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      Let me expand on what I'm saying here.

      I've had Corky tell me a few times that he agreed with something I said but he had complaints and so had to delete or modify a post.

      INA needs to make up it's mind what it stands for and defend that. To be afraid at every complaint made by ultra-conservative nudists, to jump when they complain, isn't healthy for nudism. Please, let's not promote body phobias and let's not let those who are afraid of body parts set the tone for the rest of us and for INA as a whole.


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        I'm still a bit shy and my wife more so. There are a few nude pictures in our family album but no full frontals. Just enough to indicate to family and friends browsing the album that we like to be nude.

        As for pictures on a beach, I think neither of us would object as long as the camera was a long way off and we were just part of the crowd.

        I still have some problem with the confronting nature of full frontal photographs taken from the feet upwards. I think it emphasises the wrong parts of the persons body. Nudity is not about sex (and genitalia) its about freedom, fresh air, feeling good. I would like to know why nudists display that type of photo - are they trying to make some point ???

        Cyndiann - I am not trying to promote body phobias. When taking any photo, people or objects, the best and most attractive, appealing beautiful angle must be chosen for the photo. I just think that photos of people can be taken from a more attactive angle than from the feet upwards. Sonmetimes the angle chosen is to make a point, perhaps thats why they choose that angle - but someone please explain the point.



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          Some year ago we were on holiday in Greece, and decided to go on a cultural tour. During the course of we visited a ruined temple which had some fairly well preserved statuary - nude of course. It was outdoors, and the temperature was in the 90s (Fahrenheit). A young man who was with his girlfriend (or possibly it was his wife or even his sister) suddenly stripped off his shorts (all that he was wearing) and struck a pose against a pillar. He then told the girl to take a photograph of him! The guide was taken a bit aback, but she did not say much. The young man then invited the other members of the party to photograph him if they wanted to. Many did so. It so happened that he had a positively beautiful body, muscular and toned. He was also completely hairless and deeply tanned all over. He was certainly no more than 17 or 18. I often wondered afterwards where many of the photographs that were taken ended up, particularly if some of those who took the photographs were not naurists. However, it was interesting that no-one objected. In fact, when he dressed and the party moved on he was cheered enthusiastically by all present. Evidently he had no hangups about being photographed by strangers, and clearly did not care where the photographs ended up. Has anyone else had a similar experience while on holiday?


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            I haven't been to a naturist beach/resort, yet , but i honestly wouldn't have a problem having my photograph taken. i know many people who are camera shy but i love having my picture taken . being naked wouldn't be an issue for me at all.


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              PERMISSION....I think is the key word. And motive...but that is hard to guage.

              Here is an example... I have been at San Onofre and looked up to the cliffs to see a guy with an 800mm zoom lens taking pictures like a sniper. He did not ask my permission and I'm guessing his motives are not good.
              On the flip side... the resort I go to has had times when they needed people to pose for pictures for the brochure or AANR article, and I don't have any issues with that because those who see the pictures will see it in the right context and for the right reasons.


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                It wouldn't bother me if another nudist was taking a pic on the beach and I happened to be in it(in the background, or walking by). And I guess if I really think about it, even if they were not nudists it wouldn't bother me too much. The way I see it, if I am naked in a public clothing optional place, then the risk is there. It doesn't bother me if someone sees me or my wife naked, if it did, then we would obviously be wearing clothes more often.


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                  We had a big outdoor dinner here a short while back, and the resort photographer wanted photos. I made sure I got in on it. I was wearing a sweatshirt, however, because it was a little chilly. I wish I could have been in one of the photos for the two-page story on TLR in the AANR Bulletin.

                  By the way, the 2005 "Nature & Nudes" calendar is available. I've already got mine. You can order one at


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                    INA Forum members: Regarding Cyndiann's last post..we have no clue what she's talking about as usual.

                    First off: We've never been in business or associated with "The Surfdogs".
                    Secondly: INA is a family organization. Always has been always will be. We also work to promote the acceptance of singles in the naturist community. She knows that.

                    On another topic, after months of complaints by those who contribute to these boards, we have chosen to delete Cyndiann. She can no longer post here.

                    We at INA intend to keep these boards focused on naturism period. Personal attacks by those who enjoy "hijacking" threads has never been acceptable. We know the vast majority of forum contributors offer a positive dialogue. It's only a select few that don't play by the rules.

                    Thanks for taking part in the INA forums


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                      Sad to see Cyndiann 'go'. While She does come on a bit strong at times, I find my self agreeing with her more often than not.
                      Now back to the subject. I have little or no objections to having photos taken of me nude. When someone asks permission, my responce is a 'be my guest'. As far as delvolping nude photos, I go to a local camera store that has devolpment facilities. After several years, they know me enough that I don't even have to warn them about nude adults. Just another venue for the rest of you to concider.


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                        Bart, why did you just make a pesonal attack against cyndiann? She isn't even here to defend herself. And she was, by the way, one of the most ardent of nudists. She has done a whole lot for nudism. In fact, I feel that you guys (the INA team) could learn from her.

                        Adding the phrase "as usual" to your first statement was just wrong and childish. I expect better from you.

                        Bob S.


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                          Yes I too am sorry to find Cyndiann banned. Whilst some topics have become a bit "heated" it takes "two to Tango" and Cyndiann has been reacting to others comments - are they also banned ?

                          She is intelligent and gets straight to the point and has helped a lot of other forum members.

                          BART - By the way, before a person is banned do they have any right to respond to you after peoples "report posts" or complaints. Its very easy to press the report post button, its a lot harder if the reporting person is required to justify their complaint.



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                            I agree, I don't like the idea of having Cyndiann banned from posting on the site. Her recent post may have been a bit critical of the board administration & her comment regarding the "Surfdogs" (which was noted & then put forth as a question regarding whether anyone had heard about "that mess" -personally, I hadn't heard about it so I don't even know exactly what "that mess" was) may have even had been inaccurate. However, this banishment seems to me a rather rash way of handling the issue. Cyndiann has often contributed very worthwhile discussion & information here and that certainly should have been considered. The moderators post makes the board administration look far worse than anything in Cyndiann's post, IMHO (but, then again, for all I know I could be banned from posting for saying so -that's how it looks & that's why I personally don't support the way this was handled).


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                              We are horrified that INA would be so close-minded as to ban Cyndiann. As members have said, she contributes greatly to the nudist cause. The most outspoken and controversial people are those that get things done... I don't agree with Corey's views sometimes, does that mean he should be banned?

                              You can't please everyone with your comments, those that don't like them should just skip over those posts.

                              It seems Stu has dissappeared too, whilst strongly controversial, you could just skip over his posts too. So much for freedom of speech in the USA!


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                                Due to the many complaints against Cyndiann, INA had no choice but to ban her. Her constant personal attacks and hijacking of threads was her style of getting people to respond. And should you ever disagree with her, then it was nothing but chaos.

                                She did provide great information on nudist issues, but her style of attacking was her downfall. Just look at her last few posts. A perfect example of hijacking and attacking.

                                Now back on subject, I have no problems being photographed in the nude. I had my photo on this site at one time, but tried to get it changed and lost it. I'll send another one soon. From what I have noticed for the past several months, there have been a lot of new members coming aboard with photos. Nice for them to share.