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Your views on having your photo taken while nude??

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    [ her comment regarding the "Surfdogs" (which was noted & then put forth as a question regarding whether anyone had heard about "that mess" -personally, I hadn't heard about it so I don't even know exactly what "that mess" was)

    Information about "Surfdogs" can be found at:


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      Hello all...This is Corey Mangold, President of the International Naturists Association and Over the past several months I have been personally viewing many of Cyndiann's posts and having them screened before they were posted by our moderators. Many of her posts were deleted before they were ever allowed to go online because of content and personal attacks. Last weekend I received nearly a dozen emails from upset customers that wanted Cyndiann banned. After many warnings given to Cyndiann, I had no choice but to delete her posting capabilities. I don't want people quitting, especially members that have been with us since the beginning, because of one poster who had a reputation for causing arguments and posting personal attacks. We did not ban Cyndiann due to one post, we banned her because of dozens of posts and an equal amount of complaints. She was warned and we are sorry but we had to make a tough decision that we think is best for the forums.
      Corey Mangold
      INA President
      [email protected]


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        I have a problem with the sniper photographers. They are taking the photos only to satisfy their own purient desires. Those who ask permission and shoot with all knowing the intention are no problem to me.


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          I hate to see Cyndiann banned, also. But I have seen so many of her posts which seemed to go 'way beyond civililty. I agree that she is a dedicated naturist, and probably does a lot for naturism in Florida and other places. Her problem is that once she gets down on someone or a group, she can't let it go and takes every opportunity to cut them up into little pieces.
          Too bad. But I have to agree with the action of INA.

          I have always been of the opinion that I would not like to have my picture taken while I was nude. Seems like a real invasion of privacy, but I was more afraid that someone I know might recognize me. Then I got older and more mellow. Now, I really don't care, and would probably be flattered if someone actually was interested in taking a picture of me. I have no idea why anyone would want it.


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            The first time I had my nude pic taken was at a gathering. We took a day trip to Potter's Falls (NY state) and some people asked about using their cameras. Everyone seemed okay with it, so I went along. In August, I was with some friends at the Ledges when I decided to take the plunge, and I asked someone to take a few pics so I could post them on this site. I had a few more taken before it got too cold. The last time I found that I had become totally comfortable with the idea. Mine are posted in the photo albums here.


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              Although I think it's fine as I have nudist friends who take pictures of themselves nude, I wouldn't want to have my picture taken while nude, simply because some people don't always have the best interest in mind when viewing others nude bodies...

              Plus I love my clothes (I make a lot of my own) and I want them photographed...There is nothing gained by seeing another nude body (hence mine)...

              I like to relax nude and chill out and crap nude, but I don't want people snapping shots of me naked on the beach at home, or anywhere...

              It's my body and it's my privacy...Just because I am nude in public doesn't give people the right to invade my privacy by adding it to their personal collection...

              That's all folks


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                I do like like to be photographed nude. Why? Because you never know what will happen to the photographs. Does anyone remember when two members pix ended up on a porno website?

                Yes, a person you trust can take your photo, but what happens if someone else gets a hold of it?


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                  VAMichael, I believe you forgot to put the word, "not" in your statement.

                  Synergy, there are places where taking a picture of someone in public whether naked or clothed, is allowed. I am a bit confused with how some laws are set up about the specific circumstances about having a picture taken when naked. I don't know if they are talking about legitimate public nude areas or photo shoots only.

                  Bob S.


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                    I have never liked having my picture taken, but I enjoy having nude pictures taken of me. I have a 24"x36" nudedrawing of myself on my wall, although the only people who see it are nudists.


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                      That's cool...and some nude pictures turn out really awesome and you can truly view it as art...But I just wouldn't let anyone take nude photos of me...

                      Not my flava, nope it's not my flava...



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                        People can do bad things with pictures of you with clothing on too, being nude is no different. People who have bad intentions use pictures for bad intentions weither youre naked or not so really ya should just treat being photographed nude the same way you do being photographed clothed and not really worry about it. If youre nude out somewhere in public you cant really expect someone not to see you nude or take a photo of you nude anyways.


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                          If anyone is so hard up that they want pictures of THIS body, they're welcome to them.


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                            Hey Jon Marc thats a picture I have not seen before. Is that in front of your new home?


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                              Last July my litle sister got an email, from a boy at her school asking if a picture of a girl on a certain soft porn site was her. We looked up the suggested site and sure enough there was a photo of Angela taken at Samurai Beach last November.

                              She denied to the boy that it wasn't her on the grounds that it wasn't her and he seemed to accept that and no further was heard of it.

                              However, because Angela was 15 at the time the photo was taken, I contacted the site and advised that the girl was a bit young to be on that site and had been photographed and published without her knowledge.

                              A week or so passed and the photo disappeared off the site to be replaced by a photo of myself with two good friends, and a friend of Angela's from that same weekend last November.

                              I decided not to make a fuss about it so we didn't get an ongoing targetting of myself or of my friends and it seems to have passed into history.

                              I am now, however, very watchful, of cameras and particularly suspicious of men lurking in dunes or cars - not that there is much I can do about. Privacy laws in Australia do not extend to public places - and nor should they.


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                                I don't mind the photo as long as I conscent to it. I'm camera shy anyways so I doubt I would say yes. There is a rare photo of me in the profile so I don't always say no.