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    If you have found that people are cold to your naturism, you are not alone. My 1973 encyclopedia defines Nature Worship as, "naturism, the worship of one or more powers of nature as gods"

    This is also reflected in the Catholic Dictionary I found at the library.


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    I came to naturism as a logical extension of a desire to live a lifestyle closer to what the human body was designed for. This naturistic lifestyle includes being outdoors as much as possible for the health benefits offered by exposure to fresh air, exercise, moderate sunshine, pure spring water, and fresh wild foods. It eventually becomes obvious to someone living this natural lifestyle that nudity is the natural human condition and nudity permits better blood circulation and in mild weather, it is also desireable to expose the skin to fresh air and moderate sunshine to prevent skin disease.

    Covering the skin blocks sensory input from one's environment. It is pleasant to walk barefoot in soft grass or sand, to feel the sun and the breeze on your skin, and it is pleasant to to enjoy the touch of water from a river or lake without cloth barriers.

    The beauty and symmetry of the human figure is best seen without the distraction of fabric, that serves to break up the contours of the figure.

    These seem to be the main reasons nudity is logically consistent with the goal of living a life in harmony with nature.