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  • Hiking

    Looking forward to the hiking weather in the Appalachians.
    You meet the nicest people hiking and more often than not they were hiking nude before you happened along just like you were until you heard them.
    I have met many other "nude" hikers this way and have spent time continuing our hikes together nude especially when heading for any of the out of the way swimming holes along the trail.
    The only problem with going to this out of the way swimming holes is that the bears like them too. But when you are bare, the bears tend to ignore you and the deer will come up to you to get sugar cubes out of your hands if you are nude.

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    Any more recent hiking stories out there?


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      during the week along the new river trail.
      Free hiking & cool Mt stream water to cool of in. That is something to look foward to. There also about 50 miles of old RR bead trail along the New River, in spring middle of week that is wonderful for free hike or bike work out temp in the 50's & 60's with sun feels like summer but best of all you have all to your self. Now the water is just above freezing so if you decide to cool off you have just joined the polor bear club.
      Let the stress go take a day for your self be free go for a free hike just don't forget sun screen & water & good ball cap.


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        While hikind up to a mountain top in New Hampshire I became incrediblly thirsty. There was a mountain spring stream flowing so I went up stream a bit to kneel over to a pool to drink.

        After a nice deep gorge of the most sweet clean frigid cold mountain water I was well satisfied and began to let my eyes wander. Just up stream about 10 feet from where I drank I noticed something.

        It was a dead rotten frog in the stream. Have no idea if that contributed to the great taste but I am still alive from it.


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          Four of us had our first nudehike of the year in a county natural area just out of Seattle, Met 3 fisherman,no prolblem. We were somewhat shriveled as it was 50 degrees though sunny.