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    Thanks for your thoughtful response, Rik. I've reviewed the rules at a few resorts and some are more concerned about it than others which seemed odd since body acceptance is the key, regardless of body-type and size/state. I agree that sex is not appropriate, and I can understand where some would be concerned at the sight.

    Social nudism after all is about relaxation and feeling comfortable around others and about yourself. It's not about sex.


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      It was one hot day in the summer when I was 16 and I had just recently decided to become a nudist. I decided to lie in my backyard on a long comfortable beach chair and read a book(nude of course. I thought I would just read for an hour because my sister's friends from college came. To my suprise I was just reading my book when i heard a car pull in my driveway. Then, I heard a truckfull of college girls come in the driveway. I only met these girls twice, but they obviously thought they new me well enough to play a mean trick on. Since I had just become a nudist I was nervous and scared, because they starte gesturing in my direction and giggling. Nervous to death, I covered my _______ with the book I was reading, and pretended to be fast a sleep not knowing what else to do but it was to late. I thought they saw me awake but I decided to stick with my plan instead of just run. What happened then was the most embarassing few moments of my life. The girls walked right up to me and wanted to suprise me. First, one of the girls took the book that was covering up my manhood, and threw it on the ground. Then, another girl decided to go to her backpack and get a video camera and a water gun. The girl started filmimng me lying there and what the other girls were about to do but I had no clue this was going on because my eyes were closed. Since this was the first time anybody else saw me practice my nudism, I got excited with an erection. With the whole thing caught on film, one of the girls took the water gun and started spraying my ____, and while this was still being taped, another girl took her off all her clothes and lied down next to me. When I finally pretended to wake up, I got the shock of the lifetime. The combination off seeing my erection infront of the girls, seeing the other girl lying down nude beside me, and this all being on film, I jumped up and ran as fast as I could to my room where I stayed the majority of their visit(2 whole days). I am yet to know who has the tape to this day.


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        Not embarrassing but potentially difficult !

        I worked for some years as a landscape gardener here in London. One contract I had was for the indoor plants at a fantastic penthouse apartment.
        The flat was on four levels, each with a floor that only went to within three feet of the wall the beams exposed. It was virtually empty as the owner was selling it and had moved out. There was a little furniture and some papers in an office space. it had huge windows but was totally private due to its position.

        One very hot and sticky sumer afternoon my workmate dropped me off at the flat so I could go in and tend the plants. He was going to pick me up in two hours.
        I went into the building and up to number four. I let myself in. The entrance was quite small with a wrought iron spiral staircase to the left, a door ahead and and open plan kitchen /living room to the right.
        As I always did when I was here, I wanted to get naked, so I went up two floors to where the bedrooms and a bathroon were and being hot, sweaty,dirty and sticky took off my clothes and had a nice shower. I could dry off naturally, I wasn't overlooked at all so I went about my work all relaxed clean naked and happy with my world.

        The plants didn't take long, so I had a wander round, up to the tower at the top of the flat where there was a telescope with amazing veiws over north and central London, in to all the rooms just hanging out and happy. I went back down to the first level and into the kitchen area where there was a Laurel and Hardy pinball machine. I played on that for a while and the decided to stretch out on the floor, in the sun, in front of the opened balcony doors. I was happy and relaxed.
        As is often the case i lost track of time and was only a noise that made me think I should go and get dressed.
        But... hang on...a noise..?? Its a key in the lock-and my workmate can't get up here without me letting him in so...and my clothes are upstairs ...who the *** hel...!!??

        Have you ever tried to run as fast as you can, naked up a spiral, metal staircase ?
        I bolted past the now opening door and flew up those stairs faster than anything I ever did before or since !
        I dont know if the owners secretary, who had chosen that afternoon to pick up some papers, ever looked up my naked backside and balls as I flew up the stairs. Once up and safe I called down so as not to scare her.
        Was there a twinkle in her eye when we came face to face? I dont know.
        Should I have been worried if she had caught me naked ? Yes, because its about respect and this wasn't my space.
        There is another story from this apartment, but its not for this space!


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          Okay here are a few I may have posted this somewhere before hope it wasn't here.

          I have a privacy fence around my backyard and I like to enjoy it in the nude when the weather permits. Well the wife and I were back there kids were gone just laying out there enjoying the sun. Then we hear hi how are you Opps! My son had come over to pick up a few things and had his girlfriend with him while he was in the bathroom she had just come out back to say hi my wife did this mad scramble to grab a towel and cover herself I just said hi and waved. she ducked back and went inside. We never really talked about it but I believe my son informed her that we were nudists.

          Second event, I get home from work and like most of you here I suspect I like to get nude and relax and unwind a bit. Well on this day I had the house to myself. I knew my wife had went on some errands and would soon be back. So when the door opened I thought it was her I just continued to relax. Well I got a surprise it was a friend of my wifes who has a habbit of just walking in. Well she got an eyeful and ever since has knocked before just walking in.

          Third event, I don't even remember this happening but I have been told by my son who was there that it did. When I get up in the morning unless it is cold I just stay nude. I'm always running a little late and it saves time plus I like to be nude before I have to put on my uniform. Well I was walking around had breakfast and I went into the bathroom to shave, brush my teeth etc. While I was in there my daughters friend had come over to wait for her to walk to school. You guessed it I walked out and went upstairs to finish getting ready for work. I didn't notice her because she was sitting on the couch in the living room and I sort of had my back to her as I was going upstairs. I felt really bad about it afterwards even though she was probably 16 or 17 years old at the time.

          One more I was on a road trip car camping and ejoying a bit of nudity when not in a developed campground. I thought I had the perfect spot, nice grassy flat area for tent about a mile or 2 off the main road down this overgrown track. A nice stream running by plenty of trees. I stripped down went for a quick dip and had just started to unpack when I thought I heard a vehicle. Nah, couldn't be, who would drive way out here? Well the forrest service rangers is who! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_eek.gif[/img] 2 of them in 2 seperate vehicles. I quickly walked toward my car putting it between them and me and then grabbed a towel that was on my front seat and wrapped it around me. They informed me that I couldn't camp there. Strangley the subject of my nudity never came up.


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            I think that I have told this story before, but maybe not here.

            A couple of years ago, my wife and I were in Maui. One night we stayed in tents in a campground that runs for a couple of miles along the shore -- tents right on the beach.

            In the early morning before dawn, I decided to go for a walk. My route took me past campsites spread out along the shore. After going a short distance, I decided it would be nicer to walk nude, so I hid my shorts in a bush and continued on.

            It was wonderful walking naked in the warm Hawaiian air. I was enjoying myself so much that I didn't pay enough attention to how far I was going. All of a sudden, it got light (happens almost instantly in Hawaii) and there I was, a half hour from our tent, completely naked with no coverup.

            As I started back, a few people were starting to stir in their tents. I walked quickly, trying to attract as little attention as possible. I was really worried about offending people. I was spotted by a few people, but nobody challenged me.

            After walking for quite a while, I realized that I had come to the parking lot for the campground. I had walked right past our tent! At this point, I was on a path in an open area, completely visible to all at a considerable distance.

            I turned around and hurried back. As I arrived at our tent, I was very scared, because if my wife had seen me, she would have been extremely embarrassed in front of the others in our party, and angry at me for my blatant nudity.

            However, I was very lucky and passed by the tent without anyone seeing me, and then lucky again as I found my shorts.

            Many people, including myself, have had a dream where they are naked in some everyday situation and everyone else was clothed, and have felt very uneasy. I had the real life experience. It was very much like the dream, only scarier.



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              The unthinkable happened.......


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                The unthinkable happened.......

                I was at a nude beach with my girlfriend and we just started to lie down and chat, when a family (clothed) came and set up a little to close to us. I didn't really mind as long as the parents didn't mind because they had three young girls. so me and my girlfriend were just lying there having a good time soaking up the sun when their little (must be five years old) daughter came up to me and started staring down there. I considered lying on my stomach but my girl friend reminded me that after all this was a nude beach so I had my rights and freedom. Well she kept hanging around and I kinda glanced at the parents and they just gave me a friendy wave. Okay so I thought everything was cool when she asked "mommy what is that thing?" and was gesturing towards my you know what. My girlfriend began laughing. The mom just replied " I don't know what your talking about. The girl replied "that thing sticking out of that man, and it's all hairy!" My girlfriend was laughing hysterically, and I sort of wasn't. Her mom was laughing to now and called her over. She said quietly, all men have that honey. The girl asked does daddy?. She replied even daddy has that. My girlfriend and I got up and took a walk to the beach where I admitted it was funny and started laughing, but when we got back, we made sure we sunbathed in a somewhat more private area with no children!



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                  This is a great story, and I can understand that it would have been embarrassing at the time. However, it also revealed that the child's father was denying her the opportunity to learn life's natural and important lessons about the human body. So?you provided a public service!


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                    Originally posted by one2345654321:
                    [qb]The unthinkable happened.......

                    I was at a nude beach with my girlfriend and we just started to lie down and chat, when a family (clothed) came and set up a little to close to us.
                    On this subject -and I hope you dont mind me editing you post down !

                    Without meaning to sound unsociable, why is it that people always come and sit near you when on a virtually empty beach ? [ They do the same in cinemas]
                    I understand the social qualities of naturism , but the beach I go to most often , Fairlight Cove, is large enough that everyone can be in there own space. But invariably someone will come and sit within 10 feet of where you are even though there is space everywhere !
                    One of the reasons I go to a naturist beach is that they tend to be remote and quieter and and I can relax and be peaceful !


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                      I wonder why the mother of the curious child came to the beach. Didn't she know it was a nude beach? Maybe she wanted her daughters to learn that men are built different from women since daddy apparently doesn't go nude in front of them. It would be interesting to know daddy's reaction when mom and the kids got home and the girl told him what she saw and maybe asked to see his!

                      There are various reasons why one would go to a nude beach, and also for them to sit close to someone when there's plenty of room elsewhere.

                      (1) They want to do a little (sightseeing).

                      (2) They just feel safer being close to others and not alone.

                      (3) They may want someone else with whom to talk.

                      I've never been to a nude beach since there's none in Michigan. I prefer a nudist resort (Turtle Lake Resort). There are things to do other than sunbath or swim, which is about all you can do at a beach if you're alone, as I usually am. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_cool.gif[/img]


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                        I thank all of you for the great responses..
                        The following happened to my friend.... He was driving home from a day of hard work, and really depressed because it was his birthday, and he thought that he wouldn't see any of his friends or family. I happened to take my friend to a nudist campsite and he loved it. So he pulls into the driveway and walks into his basement where he grabs a beer and comes back up lacking all of his clothing. He walks into his tv room only to find all of his friends there, and a few relatives including (GRANDMA!). I am just standing there and I believe I am the only person looking at his face rather than his _________. Wow I am feeling guilty as hell for organizing the suprise party and not warning him to keep his clothes on because he is a nudist. He just looks embarassed and just runs upstairs put some clothes on. I am just standing there trying not to and knowing not whether to laugh or cry. I try to calmly explain to the dumbfounded group that my buddy has recently been practicing the art of nudism. Trying not to glance at his grandma's face I rush upstairs to try to keep my friendship with my pal. He just says he doesn't mind that much and admits he thinks it wasn't my fault and I didn't plan him being publicly humiliated (and GRANDMA), but he just won't come down. I go back down for a few minutes and suprisingly, it seems like every one 4got because people are actually moving and talking again. I go back upstairs begging him to come back down and me finally does. I am just glad I'm not him because I could never look my grandma in the eye again!

                        C'mon post up those stories I'm lovin this

                        WHY DOES ALL THIS HAPPEN TO ME


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                          I'm sure it wasn't funny for your friend AT THE TIME but I'm sure he'll laugh about it on his next B-day. The good thing was that it sounds like the party was all adults and most adults I know just shrug it off and move on.
                          Hey, at least he ACTUALLY celebrated his b-day in his b-day suit.....Who can say that????



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                            Funny Story #1

                            While this did not happen to me, it did happen to someone I know, and I did witness it. In my college days, we would sometimes wax the floor with several bottles of Mop-N-Glo, and go "nude bowling", where runners strip down to their socks and run as fast as they can, sliding along the floor toward the emergency fire exit at the end of the hall. The intention is to get as far as you can, even hitting the door if possible.

                            Now, on several occasions, runners would hit the door bar, and cause the door to swing open, temporarily flashing the girls dorm immediately behind the guys dorm. This added to the thrill of nue bowling, and quickly became the new goal.

                            One unfortunate Freshman joined the game, and slid on his rump down the hall to the emergency door. As expected, he hit the door, but he didn't stop! He slid out the door, which slammed shut behind him, locking him outside, and in full view of the girl's dorm! When we didn't open the door to let him back in, despite his incessant pounding, he was forced to run around the dorm to the side entrance to get back in! This has started quite the legendary tale on this small, Texas Christian Bible College!

                            Funny Story #2

                            When I was in the military, at boot camp, it was customary for the nearly 100 men in our barracks to shower at the same time, in shifts of 50. Now, our barracks joined our sister company's barracks through the bathrooms, and it was common practice for the company commanders to cross through via this route.

                            On one such occasion, the company commander of our sister company came through during shower time, with his five year old grandaughter in tow! There, to her wide eyes, stood fifty some-odd naked men between the ages of 18 to 23! What could we do? Duck?

                            Funny Story #3

                            As I have previously posted, I have enjoyed being nude since the age of eight, though I didn't know it what it was called, or that it was normal. However, I often felt compelled to be naked when, and wherever I could. One such occasion occured when I was 12 years old, and alone at home. Stripping naked, I wandered through the house, and out into the garage, where I played at driving the cars nude. I was enjoying my self and my freedom when I looked over my shoulder to see my sister and her best friend opening the garage doors! I dashed into the back seat and tried to cover up with a blanket, but not before my sister's friend peered through the back window at me, and asked, "Why's your brother naked in the back seat of the car?" My sister's response? "How should I know? He's weird!" I just lay there and waved! Neither brought it up again, to my relief. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]


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                              My embarrissing moment was a few months ago when we went caravaning. We stayed in the naturist section of a caravan site. The owner came and told asked us to move our cars to the car park next to the textile part. With out a second thought I jumped in to my car, drove it to the parking area got out locked the car then realised I was naked. I had to do a quick run back to the naturist section.

                              I also watched a program on tv were a young women decided to go skinny dipping in a hotel pool late one night. She could not work out why the manager got upset till the next day when she found out one side of the pool was the glass window of the dining room.


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                                I can relate to both of your comments.
                                During last summer I worked at a nudist camp and with working at a nudist camp, you forget that you're nude. So I get into my car to go into town to buy supplies, got outside the fence and was ready to drive on when I looked down and saw THE PARTS. Needless to say, I came to a screetching halt and drove back in and got dressed. One friend of mine at the camp brought one of the guys with him into town with him. His passenger decided and knew he was nude and wanted to stay that way the whole time there and back. So he drove 45 minutes with a nude passenger in his car. He said it was an experience but didn't mind at all.
                                As for the swimming comment? I vacationed in Key West and went to their sunning deck which I was told was a c/o deck. So I strip and lay out only to roll over to see the B&B's dining room in direct sight of me and mine....