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    Two funny stories:
    First happened when I was 14, and went to my uncle?s home to the beach. We?ve been playing in the shore and we had a lot of sand on our bodies, so my aunt told us to take off our suits before getting in the house and had a shower at the backyard. I was there with my cousin and younger brother who were 12, and I wasn?t supposed to be naked in front of them so I was going to complaint telling her I was too old to do that, but then my older female cousin who was 20 came, undressed and had her shower not worrying about his brother or father, so I had nothing to do that take off my clothes. It was obvious casual nudity wasn?t a big deal for them, but not for me who felt very embarrassed.
    Second happened a few weeks ago. I share an apartment with two friends, and sometimes the boyfriend of one of them spends the weekend with her. She woke up early and went for some shopping while he was sleeping. I was having a shower when the curtain suddenly opened to find him naked and with a full erection, he apologised and get out of the bathroom running, obviously he thought they were alone and it was her girlfriend who was showering. It was more embarrassing for him that for me, who apologised for the incident more than 100 times, but when my friend came back we told her and we all laugh about it.


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      My embarrassing contact happen several years ago. I have always loved hiking in the nude alone in remote areas. Im still a closet nudist when it comes to the social end. I was hicking about a mile or so from my car. It was a beautiful day and I was enjoying being at one with nature fully nude. I had even left my clothes down the trail a ways. I was walking along when A female voice called out my name from the trees behind me. I was shocked I was sure I was alone. When I turned I saw this slender naked gale with her two naked teen daughters walking toward me. I was very uncomforable having left my clothes behind. What rally made it worse was she was a former high school class mate. I had not seen her for years. I think her teen daughters being along made me the most uncomfortable. We we spent the rest of the day hiking swimming catching up on old time and having a great time. After the inital shock we all seemed to forget we were nake and just enjoyed the day. What surprized me was how totally at ease the kids were. She lives across the country and was visiting parents. It will be interesting to see her again at our class reunion.


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        A couple months ago, my girlfriend's twin sister came over. (You can smell trouble already) Well one morning while my girlfriend was in the shower, I needed one too so I got undressed and climbed in, because it was a two person shower. I checked to make sure noone was home first so that we wouldn't get out of the shower together and get caught. We did this often and were always nude in our house. Well when I got in, my girlfriend looked shocked and then was staring below my waist. I asked her what's wrong and she was silent and then started laughing. Whatever I thought and started washing. When we got out I was still suprised she hadn't said anything yet. I got some clothes on and went downstairs to make us breakfest. Shortly after her twin came inside and she said she had gone shopping. I said "that's nice what did you buy" She replied something for our new house," and gave me a long passionate kiss, when it clicked. I had showered with her twin and she didn't even tell me it was my girlfriends sister!


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          Red55 ....An amazing story....What are the odds of that happening...Sounds like you had a great outing. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]


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            Some really good one,thanks. This happened to my brother-in-law and he was beyond embarrased. the poor guy. At the time he had been struggling with his weight. He had been making real good progress. I guess more than he had realized. One day his wife asked him to change the light bulb in the living room. Also living in the house is his son, daughter-in law and their little one year old. his wife was also baby sitting the neighbors three year old. It was in the summer time so he was not wearing a shirt and just had shorts on. When he reached up to change the bulb, his shorts went right to the floor. He quickly turned around, hoping no one had seen him. Much to his suprise the two little ones were right there whatching Grandpa changing the light bulb.
            Needless to shy he is not as shy as he used to be. We all laughed for a long time about that one.
            Be nude and enjoy
            Steevo here [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]


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              Another good thing about being nude is never being embarrased by forgetting to zip your fly [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]


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                My formative years were in Southern New Mexico in the late 60's and early 70's. As part of the "hippie" generation it was nothing at all for large groups of us to head to the Rio Grande river for skinny dipping and hanging around nude.

                I got married in the mid 70's and while my wife was from the same area she hadn't ever participated in the "river" trips and wasn't really into the nude thing.

                We later moved to Texas and were blessed enough financially to always have a pool in the back yard at each place we lived. The back yard(s) were always private (a requirement of mine before I would buy the house) so I immediately went back to my nude ways... around the house most of the time... and especially in the warmer months outside in the pool. It took a while... but she loosened up quite a bit too.

                In the late 80's I found out about a clothing optional resort in Jamaica and after a bit of convincing she agreed that we should go... but only becaused I believed, and assured her, that "Hey... it's thousands of miles away... who's gonna know?"

                We get there... check in to a great room overlooking the nude beach at the resort... head out to the nude pool and while I "drop trou" immediately, her nudity had been restricted to our home and very private yard, so it takes her a few hours to get comfortable with the total nudity thing in front of so many strangers. But she does finally get comfortable.

                On the second day... back out to the nude pool and nude beach we go... her much more confident now... when we are immediatly confronted by... not one... but two couples that we know very well from back in our little hometown in Texas. All six of us naked as Jaybirds. I was very surprised to "see" them... but she was shocked an embarassed to no end. We all had a good laugh about it, but she was still nervous as a "cat in a room full of rockers" until one of the other ladies convinced her to relax with words something like "Hey... we came here not to be seen either, just like you did... so don't worry... just who in the heck do you think we are going to tell ? !!!

                It turned out to be one wonderful week... and best of all... two couples that we considered as nice acquaintences... instead became very cherished and wonderful friends... a strong bond that remains until this day. In the years since... we've shared some of our vacations with them to many wonderful clothing optional resorts, nearby our home, and throughout the world as well.


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                  Great story. I've never quite understood this thing about worrying that you might meet someone you know at a nudist venue. I think it would be really cool.



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                    I was in New York last October and we went to the Metropolitan Museum. There was an exhibition of portraits by a famous photographer. A whole wall was covered by a black & white photograph of Andy Warhol's group, among which were 5 or 6 nude guys, natural size, in frontal or side view (thus, with their family jewels well visible). One of these guys had a shaved face, long hair, and some make up, which gave him a feminine-looking head, whereas the rest of the body was definitely male - let's call him the androgyne. There was quite a lot of people around, when suddenly a cute little girl, maybe 3 or 4 years old, came out of the crowd, walked to the wall, pointed her finger straight to the androgyne's genitals, and started to ask "Dad??". Blushing Dad then rushed to take her aside, which of course everyone in the crowd found very funny.
                    I don't know if she picked up the androgyne by chance and just wanted to know what those hanging things were, or if she had already enough experience to notice that there was an incongruence between the head and the rest of the body? I guess the latter hypothesis was true.


                    • I'm not so sure Andres. I guess by 4 it would definitely be the latter, but but late 2's early 3's, she was probably just pointing at the picture as a whole wondering why naked people were on the wall.


                      • Years ago, my wife and I were vacationing at a cottage not far from the home of our good friends Don and Sheila. We were having an enjoyable morning lying in bed, engaged in some very pleasurable foreplay.

                        I thought I heard a car pull into the driveway. We weren't expecting anyone, so I got up from bed and walked, erection leading the way, past the living room into the bathroom to peek out a window overlooking the driveway. I didn?t see a car, so I headed back towards the bedroom.

                        Just at this moment, the front door opened and in walked my friend Don to discover me, not only naked, but with an impressive, pointing-to-the-ceiling, erection.

                        What to do? I decided to ignore my aroused state and said "Hi, how are you". Don looked a bit stunned, but without commenting on the obvious, told me that he had a fax for me which someone had sent to his house. I suggested that he just leave it on the coffee table, which he did before beating a hasty retreat.

                        I was horrified, and told my wife that I would never be able to face our friends again. However, I soon began to see the humor in the situation. I called our friends' house and, when Sheila answered, told her that her husband had dropped by unexpectedly. Without providing details, I said to tell Don that I hoped that I hadn?t frightened him too much.

                        The next time we got together, we all had a good laugh at my expense. Today, Don and Sheila are perhaps our closest friends, and we are very comfortable being nude together.



                        • The most embarassing story you will ever here in youre life guaranteed!

                          3 years ago, my wife and I were staying at a hotel and had just started practing nudism. We got nude whenever we had the chance, always in our house and at discreet places outdoors also. Anyway, we were very cautious about keeping private. So after a lovely dinner at the hotel we went upstairs to the hot tub. At 12:00 there was noone in sight so we stripped off our bathing suits keeping them close, and bathed in the hot tub. We were talking about how we were enjoying our trip so much, that we lost track of time and soon it was 12:30. We were extremely tired, so we rushed back to our hotel room, where we stripped our bathing suits again and got ready to go to bed (in the nude of course). We were amazed we left our hotel door unlocked but I wasn't to worried and continued to get ready for bed. We were talking and sitting on our bed, while a Spanish lady walked out of the bathroom (in the hotel room), wearing just a towel we screamed and ran out of the room, with no intention to scare her. We had to run out so fast that we forgot out bathing suits and shoes! Not knowing what to do, nude, and in a panick, I took motioned for my wife to run to the hot tub. We ran to the hot tub where there were 5 people!. Thinking quick I stole two of the towels hung up that were somebody's in the hot tub and ran out of the spa room. My wife and I covered up with a towel and ran upstairs, realizing we were on the wrong floor. We quicky got in our room where my wife was cursing at me and embarassed to death, but after 5 minutes we were both laughing hysterically! (We never got our clothes back, or our shoes.)


                          • Some time in the mid-70's a female neighbor and myself wre hiking along along the banks of a river that flows through a county park. It was a typical mid-west summer day...temps in the 90s and the humidity not far behind. We came to an area were there was a 10 or 15 ft bluff on one side and trees on both sides fromed a canapy of leaves. This seemed like a good spot so we both stripped and went in for a swim. Because we didn't have any towels with us we "dried" off by loitering around our swimming hole. After we got dressed, Janet was curious about what was on top of the bluff...It turns out we were directly under the parking lot for the parks main picnic area!


                            • Last night was the first night my wife joined me nude, although she only went topless. I showed her this sight and seemed to me she really doesn't care if I'm nude. I even went nude in front of our 14 year old son. I was wearing a wrap around towel, when all of a sudden, it fell off in the living room. I thought to my self, well he already saw me, so might as well stay nude, which I did.

                              My wife seems to approve of my nakedness now around our son, but still has reservations around the grandkid. She stated she did not care if I was nude, but wished I would watch it around the grandkid, but as far as our son, she, and he both, are accepting to the fact that I like to be naked.

                              Not very embarassing, but when the towel fell off, nothing but eyes and disbelief


                              • While at home during the middle of the day I was in the kitchen getting some lunch and our window is covered with quite a few plants and I thought very secluded... well out of the corner of my eye I thought I noticed someone and as I turned I saw my next doot neighbor turn away from the window and walk to her front door. I guess she came home for lunch too. She hasn't said anything, but she seems kind of earthy and I would like to bring up nudism with her... any thoughts?