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    If any of you are regulars at Pirate's Cove, I just want you to know you're among the nicest people around. My girlfriend and I went there three days during our west coast trip (two more than originally planned) and it was quite an awesome experience. It was her first time at a nude beach and my second beach in all. There were only a few gawkers (especially on Sunday), but we didn't mind since they were the odd ones out.

    If any of you are the person who greeted us Thursday by mentioning that we seemed to be there a lot, we're sorry we failed to mention we were leaving town, so your "see you tomorrow" will be extended for whenever we can make it there again.

    An awesome community is there --- I hope the building projects fail and what's left of the park land isn't built upon --- and it was great for relative novices to attend.

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    Is very refreshing to see such a nice post and about a treat place for nude activity. Thanks!


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      Haven't been there for awhile, but Pirate's Cove is a nice place and a great location. There are gawkers there, but for the most part, they really don't bother you. Also, as you stated, you were able to strike up a conversation with someone.

      I have had some luck in the past on conversations, but sometimes I ran up against those who don't want to 'be bothered'. I'm glad you were able to visit and found it to be a nice place.