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    Pubic shaving may still be an issue for naturists but in France it seems to have gone mainstream - last week I saw several adverts (in bar and restaurant toilets) from a well know maker of electric razors that showed the mid part of a (just) clothed woman with the razor in her hand. It was totaly apparent where she was shaving - not an ad I can image in the UK or US!

    On the beach it was clear how popular shaving is but what was remarkable was not the number of shaved women (which I expected) but shaved men, I reckoned over half were smooth and over half the remainder had shaved partially - a full bush was a rare sight indeed !

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    Perhaps it is evidence that Frenchmen have lost pride in their manhood and are trying to look like women or children. And women who shave may be appealing to pedophiles who want legal sex with children.

    French culture has gone down the tubes since their revolution and it looks like a lot of Americans are eager to follow them like stupid lemmings leaping over the cliffs, falling to their deaths into the sea.


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      I started shaving a couple months ago at my wife's request. Doesn't feel particularly different to me, so doesn't matter either way. If the wifes happy, then I'm happy!!


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        Alan, people do things for different reasons, so what I said obviously doesn't apply to you.

        I am hairy from head to toe and it would look mighty weird to have a bald spot at my crotch while the rest of me is covered with thick fur. And shaving my entire body is NOT an option. No way!

        I need a gal who wants a jumbo sized wooly teddy bear to cuddle.


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          I think itd be dumb for me to shave my whole body because I dont have alot of hair but I get enough and by time I shaved it all off, part of it would be growing back and it just isnt practical. Besides I wanna be more natural and being hairy is natural so im not gonna change myself. All Im gonna do is shave my face because I dont like the idea of having a mustache or beard, thats probably the extent of how far id go.


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            I take it that you think that the France revelution had more influence on us Dutch then then we thoughed. Also in the Netherlands it is more and more seen that men and women take care of their bodyhair as well as with the rest
            In the gym on the beach I find more people shaved/smooth or trimmed then before I myself hate so see my body hair long so I do trimed since decades. It is just the way we like it!


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              It seems that you are giving in to peer-pressure if it makes you feel uncomfortable to be different from everyone else in the gym on the beach. I am not convinced that it is "just the way we like it". Would it not be more accurate to say "n-dutch does whatever everyone around him does"?

              As for me, I take care of my body hair. I keep it washed and clean and long "just the way I like it".

              But let me say that Dutch are not the only lemmings in the world. It is difficult to find people anywhere who think for themselves.

              I love the Dutch. For all their faults they have brought good things to the world: Dutch chocolate, tulips, windmills, licorice drops, and salted herring. I am especially fond of one Dutch woman in particular. She was certainly no lemming, indeed she was the most stubborn girlfriends I ever had, but loveable just the same.


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                Trail, n-dutch has been shaving for decades. That doesn't sound like he is doing it to please others. Allow me to correct a bit of his english and type a sentence of his post. "I,myself, hate to see my body hair long, so I have trimmed it for decades.". maybe you should reread his statement and allow for his typos and lack of proper punctuation. The Dutch are lemmings? Really? All of them except the girlfriend you had?


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                  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there are any high cliffs to throw yourself off in Holland.


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                    Talking about Holland, did you hear about the little Dutch boy standing by the dike, when a leak appeared? He put his left finger in it.

                    Then another leak appeared and he put his right finger in it.

                    Then another leak appeared a little lower down. He was doing his best to plug that leak when a policeman came along and arrested him.


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                      Um Um Rex...Bad Baaaad!!!...but thanks for drumming up the old song "I'm my own Grampa" [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img] [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] Odb


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                        Oh no! Rex mentioned dikes, now we risk this topic spiralling off!


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                          Do you realize how painful life must be for Dutch lemmings? Rex is right. They have no cliffs to throw themselves off. They cannot die the honorable lemming way, but must suffer terrible depression with no way out but old age, which fortunately is usually less than 2 years! Whew! That's not so bad!

                          If all the Dutch people are already shaved, that leaves the lemmings to be shaved! Grab them quick before they leap into the sea! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]


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                            Oke I made a mistake giving my opinion about this item, certainly while trailscout is on the topic. I' ve reading in these forums for some time and should know better. NO I do not represent the total DUtch population, I just stated what I see around me
                            And then be assurred that we are not lemmings as we have proven through history something you cant say with a history of ~ 250 years


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                              Hi n-Dutch,

                              No-one ever "makes a mistake" by posting here. We all pull one another's legs and we can all get a bit serious on some subjects, but everyone is welcome.

                              And we all come together with one voice in defence of nudism.

                              Please keep posting. It's good to get informed opinions from continental Europe.