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How Many Nudist Events do you participte in?

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  • How Many Nudist Events do you participte in?

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      Even though I voted for "Out there all the time", it was the only answer I could come up with. I don't know of any other nudists in my area, so I'm basically stuck at home. But there are times I will get to the coast and go to Pirates' Cove. I would go more often, but it is a two hour drive. Much to far for just a weekend event.

      If I knew of others within the vacinity, I would be more apt to participate in social nudism, but I could only wish.


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        Originally posted by RunningNude57:
        Hey, we're all nudists on this site, but just how nudist are you? Many never really get to participate in many nudist activities others are freehiking, walking/running the B2B, and more. Take the poll and let us know if we are nudist enough!

        I think that there is a huge proportion of people on this site who have never experienced social nudism.

        The reasons vary. When excuses are given, they vary.

        Reasons =
        Spouse/family conflicts
        No facility or group near me.

        Excuses =
        The club/group near me probably doesn't take singles, so why bother asking?
        Aw, I'm too busy.
        Someday I'd like to try it.


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          I voted the next to the last one (I am a member of a local nudist group and join them in activities) because I am currently not living in the PacNW for reasons beyond my control.

          Both my sometimes better half and I do participate in the local nudist activities, but that is because most of us are LDS and we have more than nudity in common with each other.

          For a group our size (less than 100 active) and spread out as far as we are at the moment, (we have members in all 4 corners of the globe), we actually do try and get together at least once a month or more often if time permits, such as my other half will often take a half of a day off at least once a week and go hiking with several members. In addition, we try to get together at least once a month locally at a place we have reserved, and do something as a group that includes people from all ages...Yes, we welcome families unlike some groups that say they do, but really prefer you don't bring your children.

          Temporarily living outside of the PacNW


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            i chose with friends. now that i'am a social nudist participating in the setting of a local lodge and have visited several times,met friends there,and have hiked trails they offer. didn't get any pics as they have their own photographer and couldn't locate them. will have to try some of the great trails around parks if not concerned about running inot textiles. i'm glad to be able to partake in social nudism. it's even greater than i had imagined.


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              I put that I am out there as much as I can be. We are members of our local club, but they don't have too much stuff going on. I am surprised by the poll that more people stay in with friends/family that anything else. Good poll!


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                Originally posted by keith bricker:
                i'm glad to be able to partake in social nudism. it's even greater than i had imagined.

                My point is that a lot of people spend their time in this bulletin board (and others) and don't get out and enjoy the activities that are in their midst.

                To give an example -

                I live in New England -- where we have

                - Ten landed nudist facilities open in the warm weather months (some partially or fully open 12 months of the year)

                - At least two "clothing optional" facilities which would not count as "nudist parks" but provide opportunities just the same

                - At least four active groups that provide a schedule of winter events

                - One of the larger clothing optional events every year

                Yet people say "oh, there aren't any opportunities for nude recreation. Oh, I bet they don't take singles. Oh, gee, I dunno..."

                I'll give it to everyone - and this is blunt.

                There are a lot of you reading this message that would like to try social nudism out. Most of you are male. So I am going to address that audience.

                I'll divide it into two groups.

                1) Those of you with reluctant spouses/partners. Can't do too much about that except to encourage you to communicate with your partner/spouse -- usually it's a SHE, so I would encourage you to communicate with her as often as you can, but don't push the issue. But if she will even talk about it, that's a good sign. Keep the communication up, but don't let it become a conflict in your relationship.

                2) The single male. It is true that SOME - SOME, not all - but SOME places restrict single males through quotas and wait lists. I will not use this post to explain why or debate why, other than to note that the system is used to maintain some type of gender balance , or imbalance within what the facility/club regards as reasonable.

                But do not assume that you will automatically be excluded.

                I have answered - quite often - "What will my PARENTS think?" ... or "I can't do that, my parents would

                Most recently - a guy said that in a chat room. I asked "How old are you?"


                If you are 21, or 33, or 45, and are worried about what your Mom or Dad might think, then I don't really have a reasonable answer beyond "It's none of their business, and don't make it their business." Don't tell them.

                If you are still living at home at 30 or 40, that's a different issue, and you may have your reasons, I won't go there. Some live "at home" to serve their parents, and that's not all that bad.

                But if "living at home" means your parents control everything you do, and you have to ask their permission at 21-25-35, etc. to go out.. or clear where you're going with them... uh.... you have other fish to fry, and maybe social nudism won't be for you.

                If you're under 18, obviously, for legal (and I believe CORRECTLY legal) reasons you won't be able to participate in organized activities unless your parents are along. On the other hand, if you're an adult and single, it's YOUR life and not anyone else's.


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                  Do I really get to enjoy it as much as I would like? No! A 24/7 society would make me happy!


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                    Originally posted by andy_ma:
                    Do I really get to enjoy it as much as I would like? No! A 24/7 society would make me happy!

                    You can always move to a nudist community.

                    Cypress Cove
                    Paradise Lakes

                    ...several other nudist facilities offer year-round residences.


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                      True! Actually, I have a friend who did just very that in retirement. Perhaps a goal to work towards.


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                        The category that most fits us is Out there all the time.

                        We visit as many resorts and beaches as possible when traveling. We belong to a beach nudist group. While at home, we try and get to a resort in Palm Springs or the beach at San Onofre at least a few times a month. Work schedules, my wife's school work, family comments make it difficult to particpate as much as we'd like but we are able to get out there more than most.

                        What we haven't done yet is the club scene. My wife finds them too rustic for her taste. I argue that she hasn't been to one yet so she needs to visit before saying she doesn't like it and she has agreed. We would also like to partake in a Nudist Gathering and visit NudeStock at Laguna del Sol in Northern Calif.

                        We just returned from our friends home up in Washington where we spent most of our time together nude and visited Collins Beach on Sauvie Island. Very fun, relaxing trip and for those of you on here that claim that as your beach, it was a beautiful nude beach and you are very lucky to have one like that designated with signage. We really enjoyed our day on Collins Beach.

                        We do quite a bit nude socializing, resort and beach visiting, but would like to participate in Nudist Events such as NudeStock, Naturists Gatherings at clubs and join a local group and do things at each others homes.


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                          I voted 'only privately in my own home'. But in my case it's a dorm . Same difference.


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                            I voted out there all the time.

                            My wife, kids and I are nude as often and as long as we can be. If we can safely (law wise) do something without clothes we do it.

                            We are both active members in our travel club Heartland Naturists. I am currently serving as an Officer with them and running for the same position again and Heather (my wife) is running for a position as well this year.

                            We frequent a beach area that our group has used for the last 8 yrs now on a regular basis, as well as traveling to a local campground that has clothing opitional facilities, along with supporting Lake Edun and the things they have going on out there.

                            Here at home (unfortunately we have to be dressed when at work) as I said we are nude unless we have to be (ie. non nudist company coming over) When we take our evening walks with the kids we use a secluded trail at a nearby park that is to the best of our knowledge never used other than us as we have never seen any evidence of use by anyone other than us (we always running into spiderwebs strung across the trail, lack of trash or other debris, never have seen anyone else, etc).

                            Nudity is just an everyday part of our lives it is how we live. We do just about everything in the house nude. Cook, clean, sleep (wife and I do kids don't yet), eat, watch TV, exercise, read the bedtime stories, etc. nude. We do use our back patio nude since it is blocked from our neighbors sight but unfortnately cant mow the yard nude as the way our house/ yard sits (23 ft height difference between north end and south end of our lot) even with a 10 ft fence the neighbors behind us and to the right(south) of us could see into the yard quite easily.

                            Even planning on traveling out of state (Florida or California) next year to a couple of other resorts/ clubs if time and money allow.

                            George F.


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                              If I could get out of work enough I'd like to hook up with that Reno group I belong to. Maybe if I had local events around me I could make those definitely.