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2015 - planning any vacations around nude recreation this year?

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  • 2015 - planning any vacations around nude recreation this year?

    We have definite plans for one - the Eastern Naturist Gathering, in June, in Pennsylvania. When this board was a-hoppin' a few years back, a number of CFF members did attend, especially when it was at Eastover in Lenox.

    Also - tentative plans for the Canadian Naturist Festival in Drummondville, QC in August (a work commitment may prevent my attendance).

    Anyone else?

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    Long weekdays/weekends RV'ing at the club/clubs nearby.

    Annual gathering of our close nudist friends (4 couples) for a week; in Palm Springs at Terra Cotta, then at their home in AZ.

    Another long weekend at the club south of us for some naked hiking and camping.

    An RV'ing trip to Laguna Del Sol for a week, then on to visit family close by.

    A probable trip to TX to visit textile friends with stops at naturist places going and coming home.

    A family textile trip to Hawaii. The Prof and I will attempt to escape for the day and find a nude beach.

    Summer: Possible naked house boat trip with close friends or ... last minute trip for us to St. Martin and Club Orient.

    Sept: trip to CO to stay with nudist friends, take in a concert at Red Rocks and then a week at their place with visits from nearby nudist friends of ours.

    Oct/Nov: Prof and I will attempt to visit the East Coast in the Fall. We'll research staying at a nude club/resort and make that our base while we visit the sites and take a break from clothes and driving by staying at the club/resort and chillin' in the nude.

    Dec: too difficult to travel during this time ... unless we get good airfare to NYC and visit for a long weekend. The holidays are tough for us to travel and be away from our grandkids.


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      I am planning on going to Laguna del sol as often as I can, as to a vacation, depends on some different factors and such.


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        No advice ... only underwater camera I've used was Kodak Instamatic underwater camera and an Olympus camera of our friend's. Got some great underwater pics of us in the pool at Terra Cotta Inn. St. Martin has some awesome places to snorkel and if you're going to be on Orient Beach and the Club O section of Orient Beach, swim out to the reef. Lots of great stuff out there. Our oldest granddaughter and I snorkeled out there and had a blast. Wish I had an underwater camera.

        Have a great time!


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          Rockdad...underwater can be tricky while snorkeling. Especially photos of people since you will both be moving due to the current and the view is hard to see. I have a Pentax Optio which takes good underwater photos but is limited to about 15-20 foot depth. You should keep the zoom all the way out on a small camera like this and ensure the settings are set for underwater. Also recommend you try to get close. You will find it difficult to use the view finder through a mask so being close with a wide open lens will let you get lucky with point and shoot. Enjoy the trip.


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            Cayo Largo Cuba or Cayo Santa Maria Cuba again this spring.


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              My wife and I were at Cayo Largo Cuba for the last week of January. It was spectacular.


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                Aside from all the time I will be nude around the house, I am planning to run some of the nude 5Ks here in the SW. My schedule should enable me to make 3 of the 5 races in TX and OK. Also might get out to FL and visit family and stop by either Lake Como or Caliente if time permits.


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                  Originally posted by Rockdad
                  Next week we will be Snorkeling at Coco cay and St. Maartin. !
                  So Rockdad...any news about the cruise and trip you are willing to share?


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                    Thanks for the update Rockdad. We went on a regular week long honeymoon cruise and had a great time. Good info on the nude destinations too...isn't it funny how a supposed clothes free affair can be so demanding to pack for. Aside from enjoying out stateroom balcony nude, the only nude adventure we had was in Jamaica at N-Resort where we went for that port was great but way too short. I believe our next big trip will be destination focused someplace where we have a nude venue least if I get my way...😉


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                      Some friends of mine were on that cruise, I and perhaps mrs lurk and I should book it next year -- thinking about it.


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                        going to oasis sunset montego bay in sept but april be in the mayan riveira barcelo mayan


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                          just booked a flight and hotel for orient bay FWI from july 4 -12. can't wait!


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                            Just returned from a two week stay at my cabin up on a lake in northern Minnesota. This was the first time my wife and I were there on our own and what a great time. Don't get me wrong, I love doing things with my kids, but this was the first time we have been alone for more than a day or two since getting married. The great thing, is that the cabin is located up on a hill with mostly private land except for a few spots where you can see up the driveway. I managed to spend half my time nude working in the yard and loved every minute. The best part was getting out on the lake. It's a mid sized lake and excep a few times each day, there is relatively little traffic on the water. I was able to get out on the lake fishing in secluded spots and spend 2-3 hours out on the water free...somehow I think that led to better fishing since I had one of the best fishing seasons ever. Here's waiting for next year...


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                              Uncertain ... with getting older comes ... aging parents and their needs trump ours. Weekend camping trips to the club or 2-4 night stays in PS is about all we are going to be able to muster. Both places are fairly close to those in need so we could drop what we're doing and be there within an hour. Taking our turn in rotation with care giving will stifle our travel plans. 2016 ... we are planning a return trip for at least two weeks to Club Orient.