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  • My Nake Bike Ride

    Though not an avid cyclist, I do enjoy bike rides of a couple hours or more especially on trails constructed on abandoned railroad rights of way. Just don't get the opportunities I would like. Today, I took the time for about a 35 mile ride and was bold enough to ride a bit more than ten miles of it naked. The trail passed farmland, through wooded areas, and past back yards as well as crossing several roads. In the middle of the day in the middle of the week there was little chance of seeing another cyclist, only saw four on the entire trip, but I was careful about where I rode nude since I took notice of where it could be done on the return trip. I found it to be exhilarating. The breeze created by my ten to fifteen mile per hour pace felt so much better on bare skin than through bike shorts and a tee shirt. The big surprise for me was how good my bare bottom felt on the seat. I had anticipated it to be a bit sticky, but was just as comfortable as with the bike shorts. I will certainly find other opportunities to ride naked and if I ever start riding after dark, there is no question about what I will be wearing.