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Nude Day Trips During a Non Nude Cruise

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  • Nude Day Trips During a Non Nude Cruise

    Hopefully there are some travelers out there that can help. Wife and I are going on a standard cruise in a little over a year. Last cruise we went on we spent a day trip at a great nude resort but that destination is no longer on our itinerary. We will be going to Cozumel, Roatan, and Belize and I am having a hard time finding any opportunities in Belize and Cozumel. Anyone out there have any experience with reliable day trips to nude venues in these places? The one option I have found in Cozumel is at a swinger site which we have no interest in. We really just want to be able to relax at a beach, have a few drinks and a nice lunch for a few hours before we get back on the boat.

    Thanks for any input.

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    I suggest you ask at They have very active Caribbean travel info there.


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      Thanks Jansenj