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A family of nudist farmers

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  • A family of nudist farmers

    Farming and nudity aren't words that you often put together - until you meet the Woods family who regularly strip off when they're going about their agricultural duties

    Yes, you read that right. Closer talks to a family who like to work in the nude- lucky there's only the cows to see them. Read on to find out more.

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    Here we have a family that farms nude, free of clothes and free to live the way they want to, free to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, in the UK. Here in the good'ol USA, they would not only be arrested, but branded as sex offenders, their property would probably be taken, any minor children would be seized and taken away to foster homes...

    How is it that people in other countries have more freedom than those in the "Land of the Free"?


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      Depends on where you live in the USA, and if you publicize it or keep a low profile. I live nude and farm that way with no problems, but I don't broadcast it either!


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        True naturalmanwa. In some states, you would probably be safe even if you were seen by someone wandering onto your property by accident and becoming offended. Oregon is one of them, I believe. The law allows you to be nude, and people violating your privacy have no standing. In other states, you become a sex offender and your life is ruined. In California, it depends on what County you live in. In most Northern California counties, you are probably safe. Central California, aka the Bible Bowl, you're prison bait. Southern California is a crap shoot. You never know. It shouldn't be this way in "The Land of the Free".


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          I live in the Tn. hill country, bible belt is strong here. Trespassers aren't welcome. Lot of people have signs up. Lots of Amish around here, they are good people and respect you right to privacy. Glad I don't live in Arkansas or California!