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Written because I want to invite my son, his family...

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  • Written because I want to invite my son, his family...

    How to invite ANYONE to go nudist with you:
    • Most importantly, recall the most joyful, fun time you have experienced simply being nude and want this experience for them too!
    • Consider, there could be awkward moments at first, but there is also a great deal of trust involved the first time someone is introduced to social nudity with you as an ambassador of our practices.
    • As the “guide person” to simple social nudity, it is important to make the other person comfortable, correctly gauge their feelings, ask how they are doing along the way (before, during and afterwards).
    • Even before driving through the front gate, let them know you are open to any and all questions; nothing is to intimate and this is a part of the trust of social nudity.
    • Trust is something earned, given and accepted, a sacred bond between two or more people.
    • You must want them to have the “positive” (subjective or relative)experience too!
    Who will the first person you invite into social nudity be?:
    • A family member living nearby?
    • A friend, male or female, believed to have the potential to enjoy a social nudity experience?
    • Perhaps a person known to be comfortable with their body, but remember to use consideration and sensitivity in assessing this attitude - it is possible to be “wrong” about someone’s feelings or behavior.
    • Maybe a coworker with whom backyard (private) swimming, travels(”Remember the time I told you …?”) have been discussed; because unbeknownst to them YOU are a nudist.
    • A person known to be trustworthy and capable of maintaining any personal disclosure made to them indefinitely (i.e. forever); this is the definition of trust. An “office gossip” or person who has disclosed private or personal details of their relationships with other people unknown to you MAY not be an appropriate choice.
    • The final qualifier is: Anyone from the next generation, perhaps 10 or more years younger than yourself, who you believe may also go on to become an ambassador for social nudity!
    What are the core benefits to accepting social nudity?:
    • Full and complete understanding of the “presence” of our bodies, and by this my meaning is what our bodies mean (or represent) to us as well as what bodies mean to others.
    • A greater understanding of “the self” and our finite existence on this planet.
    • Improved understanding of the term “Acceptance” and why we should be doing more than simply ‘getting along’ with other people.
    • Increased respect of individualism, self-determination or a belief each person should be able to decide the standards by which they live and to not compel of force others to live by strict standards (such as complex religious and restrictive beliefs).
    • Understanding a behavior does not mean a person AGREES with it entirely, but they recognize and accept it as another way of behaving; such as Veganism and the desire to never consume another creature with a face or which procreates in the same manner as humans.
    Our world is a huge space with many paths of “travel” available to each person, and believing every person deserves the opportunity to identify their own path and travel upon it is the most important fact to understand.

    Forcing someone to live a certain way, whether in freedom or by strict religious standards, is comparable to confining them in a prison; a thing which MUST be done only after careful thought with measured justification, and because a consensus of the majority of our peers agree it is necessary. We cannot force anyone to “go nude” even though this may be a reasonable punishment for some behaviors, and society should not force us to remain clothed either.

    Acceptance does not equal a belief in something as true (or as “the only truth”).

    Trust does mean respect; respect in each individual’s free will and ability to choose a path for themselves.

    Harmony means balance and our world has abundant room for all ways of living, whether these are behind closed doors, in open spaces, or when cautionary signs are required advising everyone of the behaviors to expect within a given area. In America, freedom of speech is a permitted behavior and this is a thing many people freely seek by journeying to this land; it is a simple thing in actuality. Freedom is a simple thing, but it is not easily achieved because of the complexities of human nature, given beliefs, logic and reasoning (though balancing), and often a desire to be the recipient of divine guidance from a source outside ourselves.
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    Excellent post, ..hopefully this will inspire others to take action this summer.
    Thanks Centauri