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Summer Plans for nude vacations/recreation/living ...

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  • Summer Plans for nude vacations/recreation/living ...

    So ... what are your plans for feeding your need for our particular lifestyle this summer?

    ​We have several 3-4 day trips to our club, Glen Eden, planned, a trip to Colorado to visit the southern portion of the state and meet up with close nudist friends. We are renting a cabin with an adjoining room and the four of us will stay under one roof and have our own nude gathering at a non nude hotel. We will be taking some textile touristy side trips while there and they are scouting out other C/O opportunities in that area; hiking, hot springs, remote areas to have a nude picnic lunch and take in the natural beauty of CO.

    When we return from that trip, we will have grandkids for about a week to 9 days. Afterwards, we'll be in need of another naked getaway and we are planning a trip up the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington. We'll look to stay at nude venues and where there are none, we'll make due with what we can get away with. We have nudist friends in Oregon and Washington so once in those states, we'll visit C/O opportunities there, with them.

    We are also planning a visit up to Laguna Del Sol for about a week or more. I have a close cousin that lives up that way and we're going up to visit him and his family. We always stay at LdS when we go up that way, even if it's just for one day/night. Great place, nice people! That will most likely take us into the later part of Sept./early Oct.

    What are your plans?

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    Great post...something I can get my heart into.

    To begin, lots of yard work...mostly while maximizing sunshine. Later in the summer I will be enhancing a rooftop deck for privacy and unemcumbered use. At the end of the month, Mrs Nudkin and I will be up at our remote cabin near Canadia where I can fish, boat, and hike freely with few limitations. There will maybe ha a trip to a local resort or two if time permits...let the good times roll!


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      Our local WNBR is scheduled for 7-09-16. and I'm looking forward to riding in it.


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        A few days at the Eastern Naturist Gathering in PA next week.
        Weekends - usually one day per week, at Cedar Waters.
        Possible trip to the Canadian Naturist Fest.
        Having friends over for dinner, hot tub, wine.

        Possible trip to Martha's Vineyard and the nude beach there.


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          Avatan for 5 weeks.


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            Apparently ... this evening, my wife talked with her sister who lives in AZ. They've made tentative plans for us to visit her in her new home either in July or August. Looks like a couple days at the SIL's new place and at least three nights at Mira Vista!!! That's a plus for visiting my SIL! hahaha


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              Of course I am envious of you all... as it is almost winter here now!


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                well, school is finally over (i'm a teacher) and we were just now able to get up to our house in MI where we have a pool and a quite private site. so i was nude most of the day, altho it bothers my wife a bit that i walk around without clothes on. however, i can't understand it. she complains it's too hot but gets dressed after swimming. and there's no one else around but me.


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                  Made it down to the beach on Monday. It got crowded around 1pm and we'd been there since 10 am ... so we left about 4pm. It was a really nice day. When we got there is was partly cloudy, warm with a nice breeze. It then became overcast for about 2 hours but remained warm. At about noonish, the overcast burned off and it was nice and sunny and a slight breeze which kept your body cool. Water temp was cooler than we'd like but warmer than we'd experienced. We walked the beach, found some shells to give our grandkids and a piece of green sea glass ... don't see much of that on this beach. We took some pictures down by the water and up under the umbrella. Altogether a fun day!
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                    After a 6 year absence, my wife and I, along with our best friends attended the Eastern Naturist Gathering. It was MUCH improved over its inaugural year at Camp Westmont.

                    Saturday, the four of us are going to our 'local' resort, Sunny Rest. They've never been there. I was there once, well over 20 years ago. I'll probably complain that it's too crowded. :-)


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                      It was good to see you there ... we didn't get to split that bottle of wine but trust me, it wasn't really very good.

                      Yes, it has REALLY come up since they started. Yes, we all miss Eastover, but the recent hotel reviews on it lead me to believe we're better off in Pennsylvania now, in spite of the long drive (for me - six hours or so).

                      The weather we had led to a VERY positive attitude adjustment, plus the dorms and the rooms have improved. So - we plan on being there in 2017. And, a good time was had by all.


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                        Back from early 3 weeks in paradise. Lots of good sun this summer both on my land and out on the lake. Had a few good hikes and some saw a bald eagle and some wolf tracks. Also spent several days out on the lake with complete sunshine catching more than my fair share of fish. Made some cedar lounge chairs for the sun deck which proved exceptionally useful. Great thing about tanning up north, you can lay out for extended times without burning. My hat, among other things, is off to all who can get out there and enjoy the sunshine while on vacation!


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                          Went to our local club this past weekend. Would swear I walked into a geriatric facility. Later a small group from the Chicago Fun Club arrived and they had about six members under 50. They have been visiting various clubs within a couple hours drive from Chicago and this was next on their list. It was good to see a few younger people in the group. From listening to them it sounds like they're very involved in a variety of activities in the Chicago area. This weekend I hope to go check out the Totally Natural Garden to see what's going on there.