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Nude Year's Eve recap

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  • Nude Year's Eve recap

    At the risk of boasting - I'll relate what happened.

    We hosted our NYE party - our annual gig, which happened ON New Year's Eve. That may have held our crowd down - some people don't like to travel on that night - some have family commitments.

    19 in attendance. Great dinner of steak, beans, ham, chicken, collared greens, red potatoes, and desserts -- at least two cheesecakes!

    The hot tub was open... and was well used. mrslurk and I did a lot of the cooking, and our guests - including three who spent the night here and helped us clean up.

    Just a fabulous time and we will do it again next year. In the meantime, there will likely be several other visits to other house parties, a few non-landed events - and THEN - the New England summer....

    Next up - probably - Naturist New Hampshire has a dinner on Sunday in New Hampshire --
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    Ours was nowhere close! With the Prof down with the flu ... it was not only an early night but a quiet one. Funny ... most of our nudist friends stated that theirs was the same. All three couples snowed in... couldn't get out, no one could get in. ;p


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      Glad you had a great time. Mine was pretty quiet. Just 2 of us. Couldn't get the champagne bottle open.


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        I hope everyone has a better New Years as we roll into 2018. My plans are for a clothed party, so no hot tub or nude games. Our champagne will be flowing.


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          We were hoping to get away and celebrate with our close nudist friends from CO at their AZ home but their plans changed a few months ago and they spend a month in FL helping family. They got home on the 23rd and decided to stick around their home over NY's.

          ​We were just going to have a naked NYE, just the two of us and maybe, if I could find an RV spot at the club, go there for a couple of nights and attend the NYE party but some textile friends invited themselves to a party at our house, a few days ago, that we weren't having! hahahaha It's now turned into a small textile party with close textile friends. Hot tub will be hot but doubt anyone will use it. The Prof and I will after they all go home and we can get naked and back to normal!

          ​Happy New Nude Year to you all. May your 2018 be Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and as full of nude time as possible!


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            unfortunately, I started the new year with the flu so wasn't able to celebrate