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Nudism, naturism for 2017... what's up?

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  • Nudism, naturism for 2017... what's up?

    Last night I went to a party - around 30 folks there, yes - it was a nude party - and most of the guys and gals, I knew. We had some great discussions - but on the whole, people discussed their "nude plans" for 2017 and beyond.

    There was a discussion of nude cruises. Several were going on an upcoming cruise for 2017, some have booked for 2018. Also events coming up soon and for this summer - the mid-winter fest at Sunsport's approaching, and a few are going there. Some are talking about making a spring trip to "the Cove" ( , and most were planning on the Eastern Naturist Gathering in Pennsylvania - which we look forward to.

    And other *non-nude* topics as well - we have nude lives, but also a textile aspect to it.

    So right now - we have renewal of our membership at Cedar Waters, the Eastern Naturist Gathering, Naturist New Hampshire events - man, we had a GREAT time at the last one! And upcoming home parties, potential events in Maine, etc.

    So, anything on others' agendas?

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    A long weekend at our club in the next couple of weeks. Then a week long stay at Mira Vista with nudist friends from WA, CO and Canada. After MV, we head north to Havasu with the CO couple and stay at their winter home with them for a few days before returning home. Another couple of 3-4 night stays at the club in the motorhome and planning a motorhome trip to Laguna Del Sol in May/June. Mid June is the club's Nude Attitude Car show. We'll have our classic car on had to show and I'll be naked the entire time. The Prof wears a sheer cover up because we're usually next to a couple of textile guys and they spend more time talking to my wife than with anyone about their car or to me about mine. It's usually fine until they begin to get creepy about the club and all the naked women.

    In July, we hop on a plane and fly to Mexico where we will stay at Hidden Beach for a few nights. We then leave Hidden Beach and head north to Cancun to meet up with 1/2 our family for a week long stay at a textile resort. Not what we'd prefer but it's fun spending time with our family on vacations. After we return, we'll undoubtedly take off and spend some time together alone and then in October/November, we head to the Central West Coast for a vacation of beach, golf, wine tasting and anyplace naked we can find! Of course, there's always the day visit to Black's, the Naked Burro 5K at Olive Dell and the Nude 5K at Glen Eden.

    ​Lots of plans, most are concrete, a few are concrete still drying.


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      Wow, Fireprof you have an exciting plan for this year. I just hope to visit one of the local clubs in the DFW area a few times this summer. I wish I could visit all the places you go.


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        Originally posted by sknydppr
        Wow, Fireprof you have an exciting plan for this year. I just hope to visit one of the local clubs in the DFW area a few times this summer. I wish I could visit all the places you go.
        FireProf is in a good situation, and a good locale as well. When I finally retire, I'll likely have more freedom to travel than I do now. Believe me, mrslurk and I *will* be spending more time in warmer climates.

        But there is NO reason - if you're over 18, have your own set of wheels, and a few bucks - that you CAN'T go out and take part in local nudist activities.

        In the DFW area - the AANR site lists several groups and landed clubs (go to AANR.COM => Places to Go => Club Locator.

        You might also find references on the TNS Network ( site.

        Advice ---

        1) To make your first contact with a club or group = USE THE PHONE.
        2) Try to make that contact when someone's there. For a landed club - a weekend where they're open (in Texas, that's probably NOW). For a non-landed, early evening during the week.
        3) You will be asked your name (answer honestly), where you live, perhaps how old you are , and your previous nudist experience. They will likely ask how you heard about them, and why are you interested in nudism? They may also ask you if you hold a membership in the "nationals" (AANR or TNS). Such a membership helps.
        4) Do not act weird. Asking questions about teen girls, taking pictures, "will I meet a single girl?" , etc. will turn them off. Also making statements like "you're not going to tell my mom, are you?" will likely get you the big DQ.
        5) Keeping in line with #4 - remember that the screening process begins, not when you get to the camp, but when the person on the other end of the line says "Hello".

        Make those calls, get out and enjoy the sun and the pleasure which comes from social nudism.
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          Just returned from our annual Boys Trip to Death Valley. While the bulk of the trip (Fri, Sat and Sun) is textile, me and a close friend (the event coordinator) stay a few extra days. We took another trail out to Saline Valley Hot Springs and spent two days and one night. Had we had another day, we might have stayed one more night but even though I really enjoyed our stay and was able to spend all that time naked, many of those that we met there were not my "cup of tea." Very opinionated for my taste.

          ​Heading out on Friday to our club for the day in the motorhome. I need to clean it after this trip and I like taking it there so I can clean it while naked. My wife accompanies me but finds a shady spot with her book and gets up to get me a cold drink and something to eat every now and then. It was another great trip out to Death Valley and even more so this trip with a side trip to a clothing optional hot springs where I chose the obvious option!


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            Just returned from a cruise that, while textile, afforded considerable nude time. Planned the stateroom to get maximum sun time on the balcony which left us with 3 of 4 sea days of 3-4 hours of good sun. Also spent a wonderful day at Paya Bay resort on Roataan which was nude that week. Highly recommended way to spend a port call for anyone cruising that way.

            Am currently training for the SW nude racing series. It's a collection of five 5k races all run at nude resorts in TX and OK. The first three are at 2-week intervals beginning 8 Apr. My goal is to be the most improved survivor in my age group after the final race in Sep. The third race is also the day after my birthday so I will get to spend it in my birthday suit, which is always a good day. If anyone else is running any of these, let me know.


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              We didn't make the Olive Dell Bare Burro 5K. Our motorhome trip to Northern Cal and Laguna Del Sol was lengthened and we'll be there a week. A lengthy discussion about the status and use of our motorhome was discussed recently and my wife assures me that we'll be going out in it a lot more this year and next and here on out. Looking forward to drives and vacations to Mira Vista, Laguna del Sol, trips to CO and Orient Land Trust - Valley View Hot Springs, our close nudist friend's nudist home in the country in eastern CO, a trip up to WA to another close friend's nudist home and anywhere else I can find where we can find places to enjoy our motorhome nude, inside and out!