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Naturist Gatherings / Festivals in 2017

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  • Naturist Gatherings / Festivals in 2017

    Twofold opportunity - 1) push the Russian Kaopectate posts down the list. Everything written in Cyrillic looks like "Kaopectate".

    2) Someone asked me - in a PM - about the Eastern Gathering - I don't know if the PM system is working fully here, as you no longer get a notification.

    But anyway -

    Info on 2017 Gatherings and Festivals is contained here, and there is a link to the Eastern Gathering on that page, as well as what took place in 2016. The Gatherings and Festivals that TNS has are well covered in "N" magazine -

    Hope to see and meet some of you there.

    The poster for the Gathering =

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    Rent rooms? Bring camper?


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      You can a) rent a room or b) bring a tent or camper or c) get a dormitory bed. See the registration for for details.


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        Ok I checked it out. Map does not show RV sites or hookups. Flyer from TNS doesnt show hookups.


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          Originally posted by Biker View Post
          Ok I checked it out. Map does not show RV sites or hookups. Flyer from TNS doesnt show hookups.
          You might have to call TNS and ask. There may be electrical hookups in the upper field; but, it's not an RV campground/park; it's held at a kids' camp a week or so prior to their arrival. There is an area where most of the RVs go, but I don't know if they have electrical.

          Again, it's not a grounds designed for campers/RVs, although many do come to the Gathering with them.
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            Thanks. Called TNS after hours, thought I would leave a message. I just kept getting disconnected.

            We have been to the gathering at Sun Meadow several times and we are hoping this one is just as enjoyable.


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              Not sure what's going on at TNS. Called them a couple days ago, 3:30pm their time. The phone prompts kept telling me to dial an extension, I punched in the extension, I was put on hold only to be prompted again and again to enter the extension I wanted. I gave up after 35 mins on the phone. ;-) Probably 25 mins too long! LOL


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                Well, we just received the latest edition of "N" magazine, so there's got to be SOMEONE there....


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                  Yeah ... got mine too, two days ago. That's the reasons I was calling ... to order an additional copy. The cover page and article on WWII bomber nose art was of particular interest to me and a very close nudist friend. During our vacation at Mira Vista, we visited the Pima Air Museum. Highly recommend it! They had a B17 exhibit hanger and on one of the walls, lots of nose art from many of those planes. Most of the art was of topless or nude females. Pretty cool stuff.

                  ​Obviously NO ONE there when I called!

                  ​... but I now stand corrected!

                  ​Got a call from Nicki Hoffman Lee a couple of hours ago. Apparently they are having trouble with the phones at TNS because of weather conditions. We conversed, I got what I needed and she appreciated the email I sent alerting her to the phone issue ... and she's sending the item I ordered.

                  ​Good to know TNS is okay!
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